Can't Stop Eating?

Some Tips To Keep Your Eating Under Control

Why did I eat pizza again today, even when I how bad I feel afterwards?

Many can certainly identify with this from time to time. You have just made a commitment to try to eat healthier. But suddenly, once again, you have violated the once rational, prudent decision to eat healthy things, and you don't even know why?

What is it that causes us to eat all these things, junk food or whatever? Even when we have promised ourselves and when it was not what we intended to do, just 2 hours ago.

How is it that a pizza suddenly and completely unplanned now is just sitting there, as a big lump in your stomach, or that the bag of candy, or box of chocolates, that you were not even planning to buy when you walked into the store, was so hastily swallowed down, and to make matters worse, just right after you had finished the pizza. What happened?

Do you recognize yourself? I do.

The answer to this question is not simple, or can be explained in only one way. But one of the reasons behind this behaviour that we often forget, is what I think is called emotional eating.

It affects us much more than we think.

A study recently showed that our state of emotion, plays a big role in what is called emotional eating. A negative state of mind is so easily filled with a turn into a burger or a Pizza place, and while we are there how easy is it not to get some chocolate or even ice cream on the way out while paying. These are foods high in calories, which usually have the biggest impact on attempts to alleviate the negative state of mind.

In order to numb the emotional pain we eat and feel a little better, at least temporarily. I want to say that again: at least temporarily.

What is so unfortunate with emotional eating is that it prevents us from achieving the goals of our diet and that for some it also easily lead to overweight and obesity. We eat to relieve stress or a feeling, without really having a nutritional need for it. Thus always allowing ourselves a bigger intake of calories then we need, or have use for.

Do you recognize yourself in the emotions controlling your eating?

A first step in changing this is that you, just before you put something in your mouth, pause a few seconds and try to feel or ask yourself, why you are so eager to eat right now? Are you really hungry? Or just bored? Or stressed?

The question is whether there simply is something, a feeling or whatever that you are trying to subdue with the help of food? The first step is that you should be aware of the emotions that control your food intake and at what times they normally occur.

The next step is to learn to deal with that feeling in any other way than by eating. Perhaps it is someone you need to talk to or something you need to do. By sorting out the emotions that control your eating right, you can also create your own strategies for dealing with emotions without eating.

It is you who is the expert in your own eating, no one else. By being aware of how emotions affect your eating right, you can make more informed choices and keep the goals with your diet.