Male Hair Loss

Why Do You Loose Your Hair

Male pattern baldness, is traumatic for many, for whatever reason. There are a variety of reasons - and also help to get to stop hair loss. 
Is your hairline beginning to recede in the temples? Does your hair feel much thinner than before? Is the bald spot on the top of your head beginning to feel larger and larger? Then you are probably suffering from hair loss, which eventually affects a large proportion of men. How much, how fast and when, varies from person to person. For some, hair loss begins at a young age and for others never. 
What types of hair loss are there? 
Hereditary hair loss is by far the most common type of hair loss for both men and women, but are much more common in men. Depending on how it looks your family the loss of hair can start differently early on, for some already in puberty. 
The disease, (it is a disease) can affect your hair and there are also medical treatments that contribute to hair loss. Hair loss, or Alopecia areta which is the name for it, is a relatively harmless skin disorder that causes patchy hair loss, which often is more challenging mentally than physically. The disease is an autoimmune disease and exist in three different forms, alopecia year, alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis. The former involves patchy hair loss, the second one, that all your hair falls off and the latter means that you are totally devoid of body hair. The disease is not hereditary and need not be permanent, so there is a chance to get your hair, or some of it, back after being hit. There are other diseases and medical treatments that can affect hair growth and it is best to check with your doctor for advice. 
Why do men suffer from hair loss? 
When you talk about male pattern baldness it has to do with a male sex hormone (dihydrotestosterone), that inhibits hair follicles and causes hair loss itself. It is not a serious hormonal disorder when you experience hair loss and many do not even consider it to be a disease.  To suffer from hair loss, however, is still mentally stressful for many.  
Something you definitely should always avoid is anabolic steroids, for they are not only illegal and a direct health hazard, but they can also cause and accelerate hair loss. 
If you suffer from hair loss which is hereditary (the most common form) you will not see any indication on your scalp, no eczema or rash, only your hairline creeping up on the of your head cased by the shrinking hair follicles (due to the hormone) and when this happens the hair have less room to grow. This means that your hairs are becoming less, thinner and eventually will disappear completely.