This is a basic program that will help you release tension in the back, neck and nerves.

If you do it gently and carefully, it will not hurt. Take your time and rest between the exercises. If you repeat it daily you will see, and feel the results long term. If you have problems with headaches, it may take some time before you start to feel the effect of your training, and your headaches coming less frequently. However, when performed correct, you will soon start to notice that the tension in your back, neck, shoulders, as well as in your jaw will dissapear.

1 Fast Breathing. Sitting cross-legged. Stretch your arms up and out in a 60-degree angle. Try to focus your concentration on, the so called "third eye", located right between your eyebrows. Breath rapidly for a minute. Your breaths should be fast, short deep breaths, through your nose causing your stomach to pump constantly. (At menstruation and pregnancy, you should refrain from way of breathing and instead take long deep breaths.)

2 Back Flex. Sitting cross-legged. Place your hands on your ankles. Inhale and flex your spine forward. Exhale and flex your spine backwards, keeping your head straight. Keep going for about 1-3 minutes, followed by a 1 minute rest.

3 Back Rotation. Put your hands on your shoulders with your fingers pointed forward, thumbs behind your back. Inhale and gently turn your upper body and head to the left. Exhale while turning to the right. Hold on for about 1-3 minutes, followed by 1 minute rest.

4 Back Bending. Put your hands on the shoulders again. Inhale and bend down towards your left as far as you can. Then slowly, bend down to the right while exhaling. Hold on for 1-3 minutes. Rest for 1 minute.

5 Neck Roll. Move your head gently and controlled, in rolling motion clockwise. Do it very slowly, one round should take around 10 seconds. Inhale when your head rolls back and when the chin goes up against your chest. Shoulders and jaws should be relaxed. Do it ten times then change direction and roll ten turns counterclockwise. Then align your head straight. Rest 3-5 minutes with long deep breaths. Do this with extra care! The neck is a very sensitive body part.

6 Tension Release. (Avoid during a migraine attack.) Stretch your arms with palms up. Bend your fingers like claws. Cross your arms over your head. Switch from right arm to left arm at the top, keep switching from left to right. Try to do this with a powerful and rhythmic movement. Hold on for 7 minutes. The last 15 seconds, breath with your tongue extended. Finish with a deep breath and stretch your arms straight up. Hold your breath for 10 seconds. Exhale, lower your arms and rest for several minutes, taking long deep breaths.