How To Shop Safely Online

How do I know that it is safe to buy something online? Here are some tips for doing safer business online.

1 Does it seem too good to be true? - then it usually is too good to be true!

2 Search by seller / company before buying and see what other customers have to say.

3 Check seller / company information, there are plenty of sites online where you can check companies out.

4 Use any of the secure payment services available online, where the person selling does not receive money until you have received the goods.

5 Are you bying something very expensive online? If possible, meet the seller in person to make the deal, even if you do not live near each other - ask if you can get to the vendor's location. If the seller seem reluctant to meet in person, think twice about going.

6 Are you going to spend a lot of money online? Stick to products you can truly know and value. Is there a product you feel unsure about - check carefully, for example, by searching the completed auctions on eBay, ongoing sales on similar sites and the price of second-hand stores or antique shops. If the goods you are after, or a similar product are available in regular stores - check out the first-time priced amount!

7 Don't do anything different when you are doing business online, compared to what you normally would. Just because you shop at Bargain Square, or whatever, it is not okay to hand over hundreds of dollars to strangers in a dark parking lot.

8 If the item will be sent to you - check out what the shipping will cost before you bid or buy. If it is not clear from the ad, contact the seller and ask. Otherwise, your "cheap" stuff might not end up being so cheap.

9 Check carefully that the item really meet your needs. If something is unclear, such as dimensions, color, size or condition - please contact the seller and ask before you bid or buy. Otherwise, chances are that you make a bad purchase.

10 Return the goods if they do not match the buyer's description, or appear to be fake. Be polite - maybe it's just a misunderstanding that can be sorted out. Sometimes it's hard to get money back - but the more noise you make, the greater the chance that the seller will disappear.

11 If you want to avoid pre-payment to the seller and the seller's location is near, set up a meeting.

12 Whenever you can use sites where the internet transaction payment is arranged and handled by the site. Normally it works to the buyer or seller fills in details about the purchase on the payment section of site. Shipment must be made with trackable item - remember that it may cost a bit extra. Both must agree on who bears the additional costs of billing and shipping! Both seller's and buyer's actions can be tracked by the site, and or company where you have made the deal.

13 Paypal
The leader in online payments, try it out if you don't have it yet. It works great!