The end of the year is upon us and for most people, New Year's Eve is a night of celebration. Everyone is going out for a great, fun-filled night of ushering in the new year with food, drinks, and fun local festivities. We want to start the new year off right and that doesn't mean doing everything bad we possibly can the day before. New Year's Eve has a long history of alcohol. It's a tradition to drink champagne at midnight after giving the nearest person of opposite sex a nice smooch. It's just good fun! It can be easy to get carried away though so lets take a look at what not to do on New Years Eve.

Don't Drink Too Much

Drinking too much isn't just something young people do. People of all ages can get a bit carried away during the festive atmosphere that surrounds New Year's Eve. Whether it's at someone's home, or the local bar, there will almost always be some drinking going on. When people host a party, for example, they like to make sure all the guests have a nice selection of drinks. This usually includes beer, champagne, and various types of liquor. The night can start off great but before you know it, you've gone from one drink an hour to two or more and before midnight you and half the people around you are totally smashed. You don't want to start the new year off hungover or with regrets about whatever you might have said or done the night before. You should be especially careful if you are attending an office party. Your coworkers never forgot that time Bob from the mail room spent an hour making copies of his butt right?

Don't Drive Drunk

Driving a motor vehicle on New Year's Eve is perfectly fine if you don't plan on drinking but most people will drink. If you do plan on going to a local bar and ringing in the new year, you have a few options. The best option is to bring along a non-drinker to be the designated driver. Many bars will give them unlimited non-alcoholic drinks all night long so they don't spend a lot of money and still have a good time hanging out with their friends. At the end of the night, the designated driver drops everyone off, and all is good. Some cities offer a bus service until about 1am on New Year's Eve. This won't be a typical bus route but a route that takes them to downtown and then around various parts of the city. This is a wonderful option if you live in a small town. A taxi is another great choice. You can drink as much as you want and not have to worry about getting a DUI or getting in an accident.

Don't Make Unrealistic Resolutions

Everyone wants to start the new year with a long list of resolutions. This is done with the best intentions but often fails before it starts. Never make any resolutions when you are drinking. Do you really want to stick to a resolution like "I love my dog so much, I'm making a resolution to spend 2 hours a day training and walking him". That's not going to last more than a day or two if you work full time. Diets are the biggest resolution problem. Don't make a goal to lose 100 pounds before summer. Instead, something more realistic like "1 pound per week" is a lot easier to achieve. Some people will become very depressed if they don't stick to their goals so by keeping them simple, you can avoid any type of let down. Small goals that you can accomplish within the first 6 weeks are great and once you meet your goal, you will be much more motivated to set another goal for yourself and stick with it.

Don't Overeat

Thanksgiving and Christmas are well known as holidays with a big emphasis on food. New Year's Eve is just as guilty but you might not realize it. What happens on New Year's Eve is people will have dinner before they go out for the night. It usually doesn't matter if you go to a bar, friend's house, or community event, there will be a lot of snacks around. It's really easy to eat more on New Year's Eve than Christmas because you are staying up very late and usually are around a lot of other people who will be drinking and eating as well. Some good strategies are to make sure you stay away from the kitchen or table full of foods and don't order greasy bar food if you are celebrating at your favorite drinking hole.

New Year's Eve can be great fun if you remember to do everything in moderation. When drinking try to limit yourself to about one drink an hour because your body can metabolize it and you will feel good but never out of control and you won't end up throwing up somewhere. With food, eat a large filling dinner before you go out and try not to spend the night right beside any kind of table full of snack trays. Even if you're full, staring at some great appetizers will guarantee you always have some in your hand or nearby. When people start asking you what your resolutions are, keep it simple, reasonable, and easy to do within the first few weeks or months of the new year.

If you're going to a bar with friends, make sure you have a plan before you leave the house. Odds are you know someone who doesn't drink and wants to go out so they are the obvious choice but if you can't find anyone, be safe and take a taxi or bus instead. By not overindulging in anything, you will be sure to start the new year off happy, healthy, and without having to come up with excuses for why you acted the way you did the night before.