Many people have the mentality that after retirement there is nothing else to do. They consider this as the time to sit and do nothing that is productive or helpful to the society .But little do they know that there is so much when the official working duties come to an end. This can also enable you to earn extra income. You can take this time to decide whether to work full time or part time, invest on real estates, do some trading or even starting your own business.

One can even better the life at this period if you decide to open your own business and run it personally. You can start the type of business that you have always dreams of or even any other type so long as you have the ideas on how to run it. Meet people who will give you basic ideas on how to make it prosper.

You can also decide to make extra sums of money from the internet. When doing this you only need to have the resources that can enable you be connect online and also have the connection to the legal companies. Since there are people who just want to benefit themselves without considering the type of way they follow. Therefore beware of internet fraudulent activities.  

Investing on real estates whereby although you have your own home, you build other houses where people can rent and therefore you get to earn an extra monthly income. From the estates you get to enjoy your life because you will be able to settle down your debts and mortgages due to the usual appreciation.

Stock trading is one way to enjoy your retirement benefits. This involves the process of buying and selling securities. This helps one to raise capital that starts a business or get money to do other productive things. It is not a must for you to venture into business activities but you can also do some other activities like socializing, visiting place and even doing what best for you.

This is the time where by one has all the time on earth to stay with the families .Take your family for outings like dinners, watching movies together, swimming and even listening to music. You can also take your time to go to church for spiritual nourishment and also helping the needy in the society in one way or another. Lastly one can do something that will make him keep fit for example do healthy exercises.