You may have noticed over the last one to two years a massive lack in new games for the Nintendo Wii. Part of that is due to just plain horrible planning and production on Nintendo's part. And part of it is undoubtedly due to the fact that the company is ramping up for the next Nintendo home console: the WiiU. The console's capabilitys include motion control, a new controller which can be used to get different view points than those on the tv screen or in conjunction with motion controls or even as a more traditional hand control. Plus, the console is said to be far more powerful than it's predecessor and have full 1080p HD capability. There are all kinds of awesome possibilities from what we've been told, but with the last year or so of let downs in terms of the only current Nintendo home console, what things should the company be looking to in order to please the fans and possibly repair some of the broken bridges from the later years of the Wii? The following are what I feel are some crucial points that Nintendo needs to work on.

1. Make full use of the new technology

One of my favorite Nintendo consoles to this day is the SNES. It had great games, but the thing that really set it apart was what was accomplished with it in the face of much more powerful competition. The Sega Genesis was more advanced and every bit as pretty in terms of its graphics. But the SNES outlasted it and out peformed it in the end. The original playstation came out while the SNES was still around and while the PS one had three dimensional characters running around a polygonal multidirectional world, the SNES was mostly restricted to side scrolling or over views like with in Zelda: A Link To The Past. Yet the SNES was pushed to the very limits of its capabilities with the games that came out on it. Games such as Spiderman: Maximum Carnage were every bit as beautiful on the SNES as any other system. When the system couldn't do the same things as the competition, rather than giving up, Nintendo took a different approach, not sacrificing game play or appearance, but working within the console's capabilities. By the end of the SNES' run, you knew that they had done absolutely everything they could with that machine. Can we really say that about any of the consoles which Nintendo has released since then? With so many new possibilities with the new tech for the WiiU, Nintendo needs to push developers to take full advantage of everything they have to offer. This will make for better games and more longevity for the system IMO.


This one is a no brainer. The Wii went from shovel ware of unbelievable numbers on pretty much a monthly basis to a hand full of releases for an entire year... if you're lucky. Neither is an appealing option, but even when there aren't good games, something is better than nothing. Nintendo can't just screw over the customers like this anymore. It was never a good idea, but they're going to lose their die hard fans next if they keep it up. There's no reason for it to happen. Especially when the other companies can still get games out in a timely and consistent fashion. I should say more games more often AND better  games....

3. Get the third party developers back

With games like Batman: Arkham City and Ninja Gaiden along with developers like EA sports, Nintendo claims that third party developers are on their way back to workin with the company and even excited about the WiiU. We'll see. At this point, it's not enough to just get them back to working with Nintendo though. There needs to be a definite difference in games which makes the WiiU stand out which goes back to my first point about taking full advantage of the system's capabilities. If that doesn't happen, don't expect the hardcore gamers to come beating down the doors to get a WiiU.

4. Classic Nintendo Updated

The third party games are important, but the Nintendo has lived and died by its in house games in a lot of respects and it will need a strong showing in the next gen just like always. This means bringing back the big names like Mario and Metroid. It also means what many have been waiting a long time for... HD Zelda. Don't just make it pretty though. Take advantage of the new controls and camera angles and make it AWESOME! It also wouldn't hurt to bring back Kirby, Smash Bros, and even though it's not really a Nintendo in house project; the Castlevania franchise. And not in a fighter or some souped up version of another game which they just slap the name Castlevania on. My favorite Castlevania game is still the one on the SNES. But with the type of technology available today and the kind of memory these systems have, I think it can easily be surpassed. It's just a matter of someone doing it. To me, Castlevania should be like a cross between God of War and Resident Evil. And it came before either of those gaming franchises. It's just been left behind for some reason. Another old time Nintendo favorite which switched to another company for a time is Megaman. Whether you go with the more recent Legends version of the character or a more classic one, I can't see Nintendo going wrong with this one. It's just a matter of doing it right. And that's what Nintendo really needs to focus on now. Accessibility is great, but quality is also very important. And that's what the Wii missed out on more often than not with the games released for the system. It really wasn't the fault of the system itself or its limitations in my opinion.

If Nintendo can get these points right and keep them on track for the duration of the system, I think the WiiU can have a very bright future. If not, the road could get a little bumpy.