After one of my favorite shows Desperate Housewives ended this year, I sat down to take stock of the non airing tv shows I miss so much. Don't get me wrong, I am excited to see new shows grace the tv screen, but it's difficult to let go of something you love. Rolling back those years made me understand that some tv shows have some distinct features and qualities that may never be replicated.


Here is a list of tv shows many audience miss. This list was compiled based on popular demands on online forums. Which one do you miss the most? Maybe my list isn’t comprehensive.





Dilbert is an animated television series that is based on Scott Adam’s Comic strips about a mismanaged office. It aired for two episodes and won a Primetime Emmy. At some point it was UPN highest rated comedy series in the network history.  I couldn’t find any official reason why the show was cancelled. The show wasn’t concluded, neither did it have any issues commanding viewership.  Here are some highlights from the show;


PHB: Well, there's no point in killing a dead horse.

Dilbert: You mean there's no point in beating a dead horse.

PHB: Why would anyone beat a dead horse?

Dilbert: Why would anyone kill a dead horse?

PHB: Maybe it kicked ya.

Dilbert: It's dead!

PHB: And so is every customer who has used our flagship product!


HBO series Entourage



Entourage is an America boisterous comedy drama which ran for eight seasons before it was concluded in 2011. The plot of the series is based on both writer Doug Ellin’s work and the life experiences of Mark Wahlberg as an upcoming Hollywood movie star. Though Wahlberg has refused to pin point any incidence in the show that are his life experiences. This show is still a must see for anyone who didn't follow it while it was on air.


The series received 25 Primetime Emmy nominations with Jeremy Piven winning the best support actor of the year three times.


Sex and the City



sex and the city

Sex and the city starred Sarah Jesica Parker, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon as the main characters. The show is about four women who stuck together and confided in one another through the challenges they faced in their ever-changing sex lives.

In its six season life span, Sex and the City won seven out of 50 Emmy awards it was nominated for.

 Full House

full house(115549)


The story behind Full House is that of a widowed father who faced with the ernmous task of raising his three daughters enlists the help of his best friend and brother in-law. It turns out well initially as the three men and the children bond really well, but a lot of drama followed. The show received several awards.  


Prison Break


prison break

 A tale of two brothers(Scofield and Lincoln) who wriggled through a series of set ups and betrayals that had landed them in prison. As a genius, Scofield put his life on the line for his brother on many occasions, but later realizes that a cabal is responsible for their misfortunes. He masterminded several prison escapes in this suspense and action packed series. I hear some people say, “I rewatch Prison Break anytime I feel my IQ is low.” They are right! You may think your IQ has improved after watching this show.


Some other shows viewers wish were still on air are Gilmore Girls, Seinfeld and Seventh Heaven. Let me know what show you plan on watching again.