Costco is a very popular shopping stop for a number of people. They have promoted their services with frequent buyer programs and opened up new stores in a record number of American cities. Most  people who shop at the store find they come in with a list in hand for a specific number of things and walk out with more than they intended to. However, there are some items not to buy at Costco no matter if they where part of your shopping list or not. Bargain hunting for these at another retailer will actually save you dollars in the long run.

Most shoppers in this particularly troubling economy are looking for a way for one dollar to go farther. Stores advertise a number of great buys on specific merchandise to get customers in their doors. Be careful of what you shop for to make certain there is really a deal found. You could end up achieving the opposite and in the long run spend money instead of saving money.

Stores like this understand this bargain shopping phenomenon and have made a successful plan of business based on this effect.  There are several items persons will get at Costco and are almost always better off getting them elsewhere for various reasons. Obtaining these at another retailer will help you see a savings and prevent dishing out more money than you save. These are some things to stay away from and why you should look for them elsewhere.

Shrimp imported to America

Shrimp imported from Latin American countries and Southeast Asia is extremely prominent in America. This imported shrimp comes from places where the regulations are environmentally destructive in how they farm them. Environmentally destructive farming does not sit well with a number of concerned persons.

There have been several actions by Greenpeace against this type of imported shrimp merchandise on the shelf at this retailer. They have taken some actions to correct importing this eco destructive fish. Though, at this time they still have  a way to go. Shopping for the same type of foods at Trader’s Joes is a better plan of action until all adjustments are done to change the eco destructive line of merchandise for the store.

Although the savings at Trader's Joes is not substantial, but in the long run of saving the planet it will be worth the extra pricing.


Sheets and towels are very limited with variety at the store. Wal-Mart, JC Penney’s or even Target Stores are better places to find different colors for towels and bedding.

Searching for twin versus king or solids versus a large choice of prints are not found here. Take your linen business someplace else for satisfaction. The difference in cost is not significant enough to warrant the limited supply. More supply will have more competitive pricing.

Crates of perishable items

You should buy navel oranges and similar foods for sale in the crate size elsewhere. Although the price is right, most folks end up putting more than half of them in the trash. No one really eats a crate of navel oranges unless they carted off for a special event or gathering.

They also sell crates of lettuce and other over the top packaging of the same type of merchandise. It really isn’t a bargain if you get perishable items and don’t get to eat them before throwing them out. This is the same as throwing dollars in your trash can.

Designer clothing

Designer clothing like jeans and swimsuits are not necessarily what Costco is known for. However, they do have these in stock. Although you see the same piece or types of designer wear at other stores it may not necessarily be the same quality at this particular retailer. If you want to shop for these unique clothes, do so at other places that specialize in them.

Nearly all the designer lines will make different quality clothing depending on the store that is selling their wear. This means what this particular place will receive is not the same line as industry favorite specializing in these will also get. You will get more for your money at an industry favorite versus this location.

In conclusion

Whenever people envision saving they have a tendency to purchase extra or impulse shop because they are putting money back in their wallets with a "great deal". Unfortunately the result is getting more than we intended to at the excursion, throwing away excess or not getting the quality we paid for and in the end virtually not saving anything. Knowing what not to buy at this store will actually put extra dollars in your wallet.

These are several examples of what not to buy at Costco. Although the store has thousands of different products for the consumer, there are some things to stay away from to gain an upper hand on bargains and savings that you desperately seek.