It is reassuring to feel like you have remembered everything you could possibly need for your vacation. Unfortunately this often means you have packed too much and with space at a premium and airlines charging high rates for baggage it is a good idea to try to streamline your suitcase. It can be hard to decide what to leave behind but there are some things which you should not even consider bringing. Leave the following items at home and you will already be saving significant space in that baggage.

If you are traveling from Europe to the United States or vice versa do not bother bringing any of your electrical personal care items. Hairdryers, electric toothbrushes and hair straighteners run on a different voltage in different countries. If you absolutely can't bring yourself to leave your straighteners behind, check first what the voltage will be in the country you are traveling to. If you are staying with family, check if you can borrow electrical items when you get there. If you are staying in a hotel, you may have a hairdryer in your room and if not they will probably be able to lend one to you.

Leave any clothes which need ironing behind. You are going to be on vacation, give yourself a break and pack items which can be worn without ironing. It is a shame to arrive at your destination and still have household chores to do. You will not have to worry about finding or borrowing an iron and ironing board.

Leave valuable jewelry safely locked away at home apart from items you never take off such as wedding rings. Swimming pools, busy cities and sandy beaches are prime locations for losing expensive items never to be found again and a hotel room is not the safest place to keep your valuables. Don't spoil your holiday by losing something you love. If you must take valuables with you, check if your hotel room will have a safe, they often do.

Try not to take unfinished work or school work with you on vacation if you can help it. It is a shame to have work hanging over you, it will make your time off work less enjoyable. Try your best to get it done before you leave. Do not count on having the opportunity to do work on the plane, you never know who you will be sitting with.

Do not pack that fourth or fifth pair of shoes. Unless you have a specific foot problem and cannot wear the same pair of shoes twice in a week, you are being excessive. Three pairs of shoes should be enough; a casual pair, a sporty pair and an evening pair.

Do have a fantastic time and do pack your sunscreen.