Statistics cannot deny how Facebook and other social media has become part of peoples’ lives. In a study conducted by students in the Philippines, it was found out that most students get hold of news or information not from the traditional media outfits but through social media through Facebook.

Though Facebook is an avenue of freedom of expression, some people tend to go beyond what others find as acceptable online behaviors. Though it is understood that people are from different cultures, there are still general norms that everyone should observe online.

The following are considered unacceptable online behaviors users should avoid.

1.       Bringing fights online. Posts such as “bitch, what are you fighting for;” “Don’t mess with me;” and others and the lists go longer and longer. These are very derogatory. Misunderstandings can be solved with proper communication. Social media is not the proper avenue for personal arguments. They involve people who don't even know what the post is all about.

2.       Salary braggart. Salary enables people to provide for their basic needs but it does not need to go online. What is the purpose? For people to know how much a person receives and be praised? It might even lead to tragedy. They might be held up somewhere.

 3.       Anger with the boss. Frustration and anger are normal. All people felt that. Cool down and face the concerns. You might even be fired he following day.

 4.       Round the clock update. Those “good morning,” “happy lunch,” “going to bed” posts do not deserve public consumption unless the friend is a celebrity that warrants public attention. People want to read sensible posts and not hourly update from their Facebook friends.

5.       Excessive hashtags. Hashtags allow others to discover posts that are related to their interests. A post with many hashtags composed of long words makes it appear an attention-seeker.

 6.       Comment section as chat box. The comment section is developed for people to interact and share their ideas about a post. Users should use the chat box for personal conversations. It’s annoying when you check your notifications and discover it does not concern you at all.