What not to do when dating Men
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     Have you ever been out on a date with a guy and you said or did the wrong thing? You could see the light die in his eyes when you pulled it off; and now you are on your way home alone once again. Some people say men are complicated, others think they are simple. In reality they are human beings just like you; with thoughts and feelings. They can get hurt, annoyed, happy and ecstatic; covering all ranges of human emotion. So be careful and do your best to NOT do the following things while out on your big date.

  • Getting ready: Don’t spend too long getting ready for your date, just take enough time to be ready and be done with it. If you spend too much time fussing in front of the mirror the more nervous you will become. You will end up focusing more on yourself and your flaws than the potential date to come; leading to more insecurity and nervousness. This will show when you are on your date and get in the way of you just being yourself.
  • Accelerated touching: When you first meet your date try to touch him somehow. Not overtly or drastic just a hug and or a kiss in the cheek. He has come to see you so reward him for it. It will also have the effect of relaxing your date and making it so he feels more comfortable right away; so if you introduce touching from the start it will make a big difference as you progress through the evening.
  • Let him be the man: From the very first moment of the date to the last, let him be the man. Men like to be romantic and feel like you need them, so let them pull out the chair or open the door for you. It will make him feel chivalrous and instil protective feelings in him. So let him feel protective and take his jacket when he offers it to you; the more of a man you make him feel like, the more he will be attracted to you. It’s as simple as him needing to feel needed.
  • The awkward silence: Do not worry about the awkward silence in any way. Don’t panic thinking you have to say something intelligent or witty at this very moment. Just enjoy the silence for a moment, eat your dinner or look around. Sooner or later you will have something to say or he will interject. Pauses in the conversation are normal so don’t panic, be cool and let them slide.
  • Don’t complain: This is the only example he is going to get of you and your life before he decides if he wants to see you again.  Don’t go on a tirade about how you hate your mother because she is always interfering or how big of a jerk your boss is. He wants to hear happy positive things from you. If you’re whining and complaining he will be asking himself “is this how it’s going to be with this girl if we end up together?” No one is attracted to people who bring them down, so be positive and let your light shine.
  • Laugh: Make sure you laugh here and there as you progress through the evening.  The easiest way to break tension is to laugh and have a good time. If he tells a joke, laugh; it will make him feel funny and help both of you relax and enjoy the date. Guys really like to feel like they are funny and will be more attracted to people who make them feel that way.
  • Shine: Men like women who are multi-faceted like a diamond so show him every part of your personality. Show him that you can be funny, kind, thoughtful, sexy and caring. Show him that you can empathise with him and be playful. Let your personality out of the box and show him what you’ve got.
  • The Ex: Leave your Ex in the past and don’t go on about him in any way at all. If he brings up the subject just brush over it and quickly move on to something else. You’re in the present now not in the past so focus on your wonderful date instead of your icky old Ex.
  • The eyes: Make sure, during your date, that you have a lot of intense eye contact. You don’t have to stare into his eyes one-hundred percent of the time, just make sure that you have a lot of eye contact. Look into his eyes when he is speaking and make a lot of eye contact when you are speaking.
  • The short date: Try to make the date short and sweet. You do not want to drag it out for hours and hours, you would both find it difficult to be at your best the entire time. Leave them wanting more and they will definitely show up for the next date. So have dinner and a movie or whatever activity he chooses and then make another date before you go home. Sleeping with him on the first date is a no-no, men like to chase girls not passively sit waiting for someone to plunk down into their laps.
  • Relax: Make sure you relax and enjoy your date. Don’t put any pressure on or try to force an outcome, just take the night as it comes. If you keep trying and meeting people, things will start happening for you. Remember your best dates are yet to come so just relax and go with the flow.

     I really hope that these dating tips leave you with the inspiration to have many wonderful dates in the future. So take your time, relax, laugh, joke and live in the moment. If anything is going to happen, it will. So good luck and happy dating!