Challenges we face

Fear and insecurity

It is sad that people has actually become so accustomed to fear, that they actually accept fear as a normal part of life. People go as far as saying “having some fear is healthy” or …“it is normal for everybody to have fear”. I am not saying that you never have to experience fear. But it is important how you respond to fear. Mankind was not created with fear. What was there to be afraid of? It was only after the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden that fear got hold of mankind when they realized that they have done something wrong.

Yes, today you can use fear as a warning mechanism (fight or flight), then determine what the danger is and decide what you are going to do about it. But then get rid of that fear.

Too many people live in fear for the future. They feel vulnerable in the workplace, they are afraid of losing their jobs and the ability to provide for their families. They get filled with fear when they watch the news and see what is happening to the economy.

The truth is their fear is not going to change the future. Nor will it change any circumstances – at work or anywhere else for that matter. Let’s face it, there is no such thing as “job security” anyway. That means that if someone loves working for a certain company, they will have to deliver (which shouldn’t be a problem, because they love what they do). They have to do their part to keep the company alive. If they are not an asset to the company, they will be replaced.

 But there are so many people who hate what they do. They live in fear of losing their jobs and they get victimized, yet they just accept it and never do anything about it. I am not saying they should become reckless, just resign before they have found something else to do, or start a business with no proper planning. But instead of living in fear, they should decide what they are going to do, determine what they have and what they need, and start planning.

Just knowing what they are heading for and what they want to do will already have a calming effect on them. If there is something you can do today that will have a positive influence in your future, do it. If there is not much that you can do today about the problem you think might occur in a year’s time, do what you can do today, and don’t stress about the problem. As time goes by the solution will come to you, or you will find a way around it, over it or even through it. But more often than not, things work out in such a way, that whatever you fear never even happens anyway.

I Want It Now

We live in an “I want it now society”. Everything must be “instant”. People want things and they want it now. “I want my dream house; I want a nice car and a successful business”. They don’t want to first work for it or wait for it, they want it now. 

It’s the age of the credit card, so it is easy to “have now and pay later”. Unfortunately this is only causing people to get into debt, and without proper planning this is very dangerous. It eventually forces people to start working ridiculous hours if that is allowed. If they can’t manage to put in the extra time or they even lose their employment, the outcome can be disastrous. It is even more tragic that most of this debt is often for luxuries and stuff that is not essential.

Lack of Life Balance

Everything in life has been taken over by technology, and life is complex, demanding, stressful an exhausting. We need only think back to about 100 years ago, if people wanted to make a business trip of 100 miles or so, they realized it would take some time. Many still had to travel on horseback. They were relaxed about it. They would set out a full day (or maybe two) to do the trip, finish their business and return.

As technology developed, people were able to get more done in less time. Transport became faster, people can communicate via cell phones, so they can communicate wherever in the world they are and they can manage their business via the internet from anywhere in the world. So logically one would think we should be living in a relaxed society, being able to do so much more in less time. People should have more free time.

But to the contrary, to be productive in a highly competitive society, the pressure starts building up. The faster people can do things, the more they want to do in less time. Enough is just never enough and fast is never fast enough.  Technology is not the problem, it is our modern culture. Life is so competitive that it is normal for everybody to “Go in earlier, stay at work later, sacrifice time with the family”, all for the sake of “success”.

There is no peace of mind or balance in life in such a rat race. If people can get away from an all competitive mindset, and become more creative, working in an efficient way, focused on successful results, instead of focusing on activity, competition and obtaining power over other people, they would enjoy a much more balanced and relaxed lifestyle.   

6 Reasons To Start Now

1.  Gain Financial freedom

  • With proper planning and dedication you can gain financial freedom by starting your online business. It has been proven that the longer you wait to start working toward financial freedom, the harder it becomes to achieve it.

2.  Unlimited customer reach

  • With your online business you will have no geographical boundaries. You can choose to have your market locally; you can target your own country or the whole world. You can be very specific in targeting your market online. You can target specific areas, age groups, gender, interests etc.

3.  Affordable

  • Unlike traditional business where you have to pay rent for space, franchise licenses, pay for stock etc., it can be very affordable to start your online business. Your online business can be started with a very low capital outlay, and in some cases, depending on what you want to do; it can even be started with no capital outlay. The biggest investment you will have to make is investing your time.

 4.  Flexible schedule

  • One of the biggest advantages is that you can have a flexible schedule. Your business online will be open 24 hours per day, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be physically working 24 hours per day. You can plan your own schedule and maintain a healthy balance between work and family time.

5.  You can start immediately

  • As soon as you have decided on what you want to do and the strategy you want to follow, you can start your online business immediately, seeing that you don’t have to wait for stock, rental space or working capital.

6.  Potential for just about any idea, product or service

  • The potential for just about any idea, product or service is huge for your business online. Just about anything you can imagine is being sold online today. From house hold items to property. From financial services and investments to various forms of coaching and advice.

 Choosing the right business

Choosing the right business is extremely important, and you have to think long-term when doing this.

Consider your passions. Stay interested. You need to realize that it might take long to get your business well established. Losing interest can hinder growth or even cause failure. Never fall for the empty promises of overnight wealth. Becoming a millionaire in one month is just not going to happen. Even though you can work from home and determine your own time schedule, you still have to do some work.

You mainly have two categories of business. Which would you prefer?

Business to business

  • In this category you would provide a product/s or service to other businesses. Maybe you will manage their social media program or you can do their web design. It might be that you provide a product for another business who distribute to their own network.

 Business to consumer

  • In this category you will supply your product/s or render your service directly to the end-user or consumer.

 Your business can do both of the above, but where will your focus be?


Affiliate marketing

  • Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to start your business online with no capital investment. No need to keep any stock. No involvement in executing any orders and no shipping. You will promote someone else’s product by recommending it and placing your affiliate links on your own website or blog. It is possible for you to have your own blog up in a matter of minutes for free.
  • You can also write articles about the product and submit these to various article directories online. Many of these directories do not allow affiliate links in the copy of the article but they do give you the opportunity to link to your own blog or website in your bio box. This is a great method to generate traffic to your blog.
  • All of this can be done at no cost to you. When the reader clicks on your affiliate link he/she will be directed to the vendor’s website. If any sales are made, you will earn a commission.

Own product or service

  • Using this channel, you decide if it will cost you any money or not. You can sell physical products which you buy and stock for resale, or manufacture a product to sell online.
  • You can also render a service. If you are an expert in some area, you could offer your services as an online consultant or a coach.
  • You can also create your own information product in the form of an eBook, and sell that online, in which case it shouldn’t cost you anything. You do your research, write quality content, create an eBook (many “how to” programs available online), and sell it through your business online. When you receive orders, the product can be downloaded immediately from the internet and no shipping is involved. To overcome the limitation of you being an individual doing all the selling, you can go to companies such as Clickbank, submit your product through them and recruit many affiliates to sell your product. Clickbank will handle all the administration, execution of orders and payment of commissions.
  • When selling your own product, whether it is an information product or a physical product, you can also make use of companies such or Triple and sell your product through them and treat it as your online store. These companies already have major traffic to their sites which is a big advantage and can be a real benefit to you.

   Joint ventures

  • Join various forums online that deals with a subject that you are passionate about. Take part in the discussions. Doing this you might become friends with some already successful online marketers and end up getting involved in a joint venture.

Revenue sharing

  • Revenue sharing and writing articles (quality content) goes hand in hand. It will definitely not make you a fortune overnight, but if you stick to it, it can be very profitable in the long-term. If you Google the “Top earners for Google Adsense" you will see what I mean. But it is very important to pay close attention to the rules and regulations in order not get your account suspended. You can place Google Adsense on your own blog or website and earn money for every person that click on those ads. In this case you will earn all the income generated from your blog/website.
  • There are also various revenue sharing sites online (such as Info Barrel) where you can submit your articles with good quality content. They place Adsense ads where your articles are published and share the revenue generated from those ads.  The share ratio for different revenue sharing sites varies from 50/50 up to 90/10. It is important to first investigate to see whether the site is popular, what subjects are popular (is it something you can write about?) and then look at the sharing ratio. There’s no sense in jumping for the site with the best looking ratio, but you hardly get any views on your articles.


  • I recently read an excellent article written by Gina Bell from I read the article at and it gives a very good explanation of what networking is by discussing - The Principles of Networking: Online or Offline.
  • Networking is based on relationships, not selling, and it must be mutually beneficial to all parties involved. It is about team building. You will typically get involved in networking when you join networking or MLM companies. You need to learn to get the focus away from yourself, and focus on helping others. As you help others to succeed and be successful, you will start to experience success. You must be willing to give…”without the expectation to receive”. It is all about gaining trust, being willing to communicate and work with your team.


Personal Habits

1.  Be Proactive (Personal vision)

  • You need to be proactive. What is the vision that you have for your business online? You have to create your own future. The environment that you live in, should be a product of you, you shouldn’t be a product of your environment.

2.  Begin with the end in mind (personal leadership)

  • Plan ahead, set your goals and determine what your plan of action is going to be. When you don’t achieve your targets, be flexible enough to change your strategy. Be sure that every mile stone goal that you achieve, will bring you closer to your ultimate goal.

3.  Put first things first (personal management)

  • Set your priorities. When you make your “To do” list, mark which activities are essential. These tasks have to be done now. Which are important, but can be done tomorrow? And lastly mark activities which have to be done, but there is no matter of urgency. Try to avoid any activities that are not bringing you closer to achieving your goals.
  • Do time planning.
  • Create a system that you can work according to. Which activities do you need to do on a daily basis and what can be done on a weekly basis? Have a good record keeping system. Have a tracking system to see how successful your advertisements are, and which ones are performing better. Which articles are getting more views and why? 

4.  Think win/win (Principles of interpersonal leadership)

  • You never have to take more from anybody than what you give. Yet you do not have to feel guilty about receiving your reward for a job well done, or for providing a good quality product. The golden rule is it must be a win/win situation. Don’t be afraid to give. When your customers realize that you have their best interest at heart, you will gain their trust and you will never be without customers.

5.  Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

  • Every human being on this planet has a burning desire to be understood. Determine what is the need of your customer, or the reader of your articles, and provide him/her with a solution to the problem. Do not force your opinion on anybody, as this will chase them away and you will never see success. Nobody owes it to anybody to do business with them, but if you show genuine interest, they will start listening to your advice and take note of what you suggest. Eventually this will develop into mutual understanding.

Balanced self renewal.

  • Maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. There is a time for everything. Schedule enough time for work activities but also make sure you have enough time for your family. You may envy many wealthy people when you see the glamour, the flashy cars and big houses. But what you don’t see is that many of those people are very lonely and unhappy people when they are not in “the lime light”. They lost their families in the process, or the guy is already divorcing wife number four. The people who call themselves their friends are often friends with them for the status attached to it, or whatever else they can get out of the relationship. What are your values? 
  • Get enough rest. In order to stay focused and maintain your health, you need to get quality rest. Make some time for relaxation. Once you have lost your health, all the money in the world cannot buy it back.
  • Renew your mind. This is a biblical principle, yet it is rarely practiced. You need to renew your mind every single day. Guard your mind against any negativity or fear. As discussed in the beginning of this article, negativity and fear should have no place in your life.

So to summarize this all, stop giving in to fear, stop wasting time, take control of your life, determine what you want to do with your future and take action.