It has come to my attention, and has been brought to my attention that people these days are lacking some of the fundamental characteristics that they had in generations past.

One of these characteristics, and most assuradely one of the most important (one would think) is good old fashioned common sense. Teenagers and young adults these days, especially, seem to be void of this seemingly natural gift. I am not sure where they lost this characteristic, possible fom not needing it anymore as they are given all the information that they think they need at the touch of a button and nothing requires much thought on ones own.

It also appears that there is a huge void in our younger peoples work ethic. This includes but is not limited to the belief that they need to work for the things that they get instead of feeling that they are just entitled to everything good in life without having to put forth any effort.

Respect is also decaying. Just a common curtousy given to one another is slowly disappearing. I was just shopping today for groceries and was amazed at how many times I had to wait for a conversation to finish or for someone to acknowledge my presence and have their giant hoard move to one side of an isle so that others could get through.

These are not traits that we are born with, these are traits that are taught to us by our gaurdians and that we in turn pass down from genation to generation. So who was the generation that screwed up? When did this domino effect of laziness and self absorbedness come from? What can we do to make our younger people care again about others and about themselves? These are the questions that should be at the forefront of our minds when we talk about where we are headed as society as a whole. Is it our fate to change into self serving, inconsiderate and narcisisstic beings who care nothing about each other or can we change what we are evolving into.