The sun plays a dominant role in how the skin ages, however there are other factors in our environment also greatly affect the aging process. Pollution from the environment, smoking and drinking are some of the top factors that hamper people's ability to achieve younger looking skin. Pollution from factories, cars' exhaust and even second-hand smoke can effect a person's overall appearance and skin health. These pollutants affect the surface layer of the skin as well as affect the cells and tissues beneath the skin, thus can speed up the aging process. So how can people achieve younger looking skin in this polluted environment?

Aside from moving to a pristine remote location, the best defense against daily toxins is a good daily skin care routine. Regular washing and exfoliating at night can help remove the build-up of pollutants that have accumulated on the top of the skin. The use of high quality daily moisturizers, lotions and makeup foundation all can help protect the skin from the daily onslaught of airborne pollutants.

Additionally, what people choose to put in their bodies can also affect the appearance of the skin and the aging process. Bad choices can show up in our faces, almost in a matter of days. Drinking alcohol, caffeine, smoking and using drugs will all negatively affect the skin and deplete your body's own rehabilitation power. Smoking and tobacco are not only linked to lung cancer but also to premature aging and wrinkling in the skin. Nicotine weakens the blood vessels and capillaries which supply blood to the tissues of the skin resulting in decreased circulation. Smoking can also lead to a yellowish or grey looking skin- not exactly an attractive appearance.

Drinking can also effect the skin, in the opposite way that smoking does and yet it is equally as damaging. Drinking overdilates the blood vessels and capillaries in the skin which over time will lead to them breaking. This will result in red splotches on the face and in the white of the eyes. Sometimes these busted vessels look like spider veins on the face. Repeated use of alcohol can also led to dehydrated skin because the water in the body is depleted, which will make the skin appear dry and dull.

Both drinking, smoking and everyday environmental hazards contribute to the aging process. The best way towards younger looking skin, is to take up a routine without any bad habits and one with that allows the skin and body the opportunity to repair itself. The effects are hard to reverse, so the best way to slow down the aging process is not to promote it in the first place. Adequate water, good daily care of the face, good eating habits and exercise to promote the oxygenation of the body and skin are all ways to get, and keep younger looking skin.