There are some things that schools teach that should be obsolete, and some things that they should each that they don’t.  To live in a world full of educated people, it would be a good idea to change around the school system in what is required to learn.


Should Teach


How to Deal With Stress: Teaching stress management in school should be required.  Out in the real world, so many people are stressed and have a hard time dealing with it.  The society we live in today does not handle stress very good.  There should be some type of stress management class that students should be required to take before they graduate.

Marketing and Advertising: Most of the business jobs out there today have to deal with business and advertising.  It is important to teach our kids how to market and advertise different things that pertains to running a business.  Selling and retail is extremely important in today’s world and ever child will likely use this tool when they are older.  Negotiation is another skill that should be taught in school.

Personal Finance: Some schools are actually starting to introduce this class into their school.  Personal finance is an important class for kids to take because it will help them understand budgeting and spending money wisely.  In with this point is how to do taxes and writing a resume and cover letter for a job.  There should be an entire class highlighting each of these points during the course of a child’s education.

Managing Relationships: Schools should teach their students how to manage relationships in everyday life.  Some people just do not know how to talk nicely to others and need help on how to handle people with a different opinion or personality than you do.  This class should deal with basics of dealing with a break up, or a family member who may leave, or dealing with a death in your life.  Whatever the situation should be, taking a class on managing relationships would help you manage these situations better.

Everyday Situations: There are special classes that students can take as extras such as tech ed, mechanics class, cooking, etc.  However, every student should be required to take these classes.  What happens when you live at home by yourself and your furnace goes out?  The first thing someone does is they call their heating specialist and they pay them to come over and fix the problem.  Wouldn’t it be nice to already know how to handle these problems?  The same goes for changing the oil in your car, or making supper for your family.  It is not the best idea to go out every night for supper, so it is best for you to know how to cook your family a healthy meal that they will enjoy.

Mistakes Happen: Schools should teach their students that mistakes happen, and that is how we learn.  When we make a mistake we learn from them and gain education from that.  Instead, students are punished because of the mistakes that they make and they are sometimes scared to try again.

What is Happening in the World: It seems as though schools require students to know so much about history and remember useless dates that isn’t going to even matter.  What they should be teaching is what is going on in the world now.  They should keep the students up to date on current issues in our country and the world. 

Detailed Health Class: Most health classes deal with sex education, and they just touch on the subject of eating right.  Of course there is gym class but most kids just think of gym as a fun event.  Schools should teach more about how to eat right and stay in shape.  As we age our metabolism slows down, but many of us do not eat healthier.  Tips on how to manage weight, eating right and exercising is crucial.


Things Schools Should Not Teach

Computer Class: It seems as though kids are on computers or other electronic devices 24/7, why do they need even more time in computer class?  While it is important for kids to understand the programs that they should be using, and use their fingers correctly type, they are spending way too much time on computers.  Many schools have even gotten iPads for the children to do their homework on instead of using a pen and paper.  What are these schools coming to?

Always Believe What You Hear: It seems as though kids are just taught to believe whatever they read in the books and what the teachers say.  It is important to remind kids to think for themselves and do research to back up the information that they teachers tell you.  Teachers are human too and everything they say isn’t always correct.  Backing up their information is always a good idea, but it is something that is not taught in school.  They are taught to always believe what they hear, and that is not always the best thing for our kids. 

Advanced Algebra: How often do we use most of the advanced algebra equations that we were taught in school?  Most people would answer with, almost never.  It is pointless to have to remember what x and y equals.  Especially because you are able to use calculators and the internet in the real world.  Many teachers ban the use of calculators and call it cheating, but why is it necessary for people to write the problem out on a piece of paper?

Cursive: While you may be required to sign your name, why are you forced to learn cursive in school?  In elementary school teachers would require you to write in cursive for several assignments.  Honestly, the only time you will use cursive in the real world is to sign your name.

There are some skills that they just don’t teach us in schools that they should and other things seem useless.  Improving the school system should be required so our children can stay highly educated in all areas in their life.

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