Knowing what sentiments to write in greeting cards spells the difference between giving a heartfelt message or giving a message that just doesn't connect. Handwritten messages are priceless in this high-tech society so learning the right sentiments to write in greeting cards is important because you'll never know when the occasion calls for it. In moments when words are important, you can't afford to take the need for granted. Even when you choose to use pre-worded notes, you are still required to put in a short, personal message to make it more appropriate.

Sentiments to Write in Greeting Cards - Why It is Important

If you know the proper sentiments to write in greeting cards you are always prepared in giving messages even on short notices. With the right knowledge, you will be able to express your feelings in an eloquent and precise way. One should not underestimate the power of words because knowing the most stirring sentiments to write in greeting cards can make people laugh, cry, and feel consoled and loved. Being accurate in what sentiments to write in greeting cards for all kinds of occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries can communicate emotions like love, joy, appreciation, and gratitude in a way that even material things cannot surpass.

The Kinds of Messages to Scribble

There are plenty of examples of sentiments to write in greeting cards in which you can rely to come up with the right words to say. For a Christmas card saying, there are many quotes that you can use as inspirations to give articulate holiday wishes. There's no need to use somebody else's words when you can formulate your own sentiments to write in greeting cards. Nobody knows your recipients better than you so don't give generic messages that sound remote and too broad for your recipient. Get ideas from these samples of sentiments to write in greeting cards and give messages that are straight from the heart.

Here are samples of sentiments to write in greeting cards for Valentine's Day:

1. "My life became more meaningful the day I started loving you. Happy Valentine's Day!"

2. "One of the perks of being with you is that I get to have such gorgeous Valentine. Happy Valentine's Day, gorgeous!"

3. "Can you be my Valentine? Again?"

4. "I got to hand it down to Cupid for having a perfect aim. Good thing he made us targets. Happy Valentine's Day!"

5. "Let's stop the clock and rewind. Let's relive the day we went from friends to sweethearts. Let's revive the way we felt that day. It tickles. Happy Valentine's Day!"

6. "Every day is Valentine's Day. That's how great you make me feel each day."

7. "I promise not to ever make you feel mad. So I am sending you this Valentine card."

8. "I wish everyday is Valentine's Day. I can be mushy without people thinking I am crazy."

9. "Please be mine. For eternity."

10. "Frankly, I love you."

Consider the following sentiments to write in greeting cards for weddings.

1. "May your marriage bring overflowing happiness and bliss. You are a blessing to each other and to the people who surround you."

2. "Make this marriage an opportunity to show how limitless your love is. Your marriage is a blessing from our dear Creator, who taught us what unconditional love is."

3. "I am thankful for the invitation of making me a part of your special day. I can't wait to see what would become as the combination of you two."

4. "Please know that there are people who will be there with you every step of the way. Congratulations!"

5. "May your being together become the source of your everlasting happiness."

These sentiments to write in greeting cards are perfect as birthday messages:

1. "Be happy on this special day as much as you have made everybody happy."

2. "There's no doubt about it. God sent you here for a mission. Thank you for being such a great friend. Happy birthday!"

3. "For 30 years, you have been a blessing to me and to every person you meet along the way."

4. "This may be your nth birthday but you will always be a baby to me. Happy birthday, love!"

5. "It's your birthday already? My, you're getting old fast."

6. "It's another year for the person who has given me the priceless gift of friendship."

7. "Stay healthy. Leave the booze to me."

Here are other great sentiments to write in greeting cards to use as Christmas card saying this holiday season:

1. "I hope you and your family spends the greatest Christmas time together."

2. "May you be able to receive love and peace you have longed for, and may you be able to give them back to those who need them. Happy holidays!"

3. "I hope the Christmas bug will infect you all year through and the next. Merry Christmas."

4. "At this very minute, I hope you are surrounded by people and things that can make your Christmas more meaningful and merry."

5. "I am spreading a message of love, peace, and hope this Christmas. Feel free to catch some. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

6. "Let not the merry and happy end with Christmas and New Year. You, of all people, deserve them every day. Thanks for all the kindness you have shown me."

Sentiments to Write in Greeting Cards - Important Tips to Remember

To be able to come up with touching sentiments to write in greeting cards, it is sometimes needed to be in the right mood. You have to mean what you say or else, your message comes out hollow. The sentiments to write in greeting cards don't have to contain fancy words. A few words that come from the heart more than suffice to sum up what you really want to convey. When writing to a wife, husband, mother, or father, the timeless message "I love you" can bring immeasurable joy to the one receiving it. Simple words can be the most appropriate sentiments to write in greeting cards.

Considering your goal can help you come up with sentiments to write in greeting cards. Would you want to make them smile or cry or giggle? Think of how you would say it to a person if you were talking to him personally. By doing so, you will be able to compose poetic words as sentiments to write in greeting cards without too much difficulty. Sentiments to write in greeting cards should be extremely personal, so think about the words carefully and at the same time have fun experimenting with different verses.