With all the online success stories around us, one never stops to wonder just how many failure stories there are, simply because we hardly ever get to read about them. Let’s face it, all those people that start out in affiliate marketing or setting up an online business based on other income possibilities and fail, probably get so fed up with it that they won’t even care to talk about their failure or “I quit IM”.

Admitting you failed is not something pleasant and you really don’t want to share it with the world.

So what is the one big thing that sets winners and failures apart?

There might be many theories but after a few years online and having gone through some pretty rough times, I think that the one thing that sets the winners apart from the online failures, is the willingness to do what others don’t want to do.

I have come to realize that probably the biggest clue to succeeding online is the ability to work hard and do what it takes to create your own success story. This means many times that you will have to be spending a lot of time writing.

Writing articles, writing website content, writing when building links, making your website descriptions, writing comments, no matter what you will need to be doing a lot of writing.

Many people that turn to Internet marketing as a means to create their independent income source have only little money to start out with. And they will find many resources saying that you don’t need any money to start out with if you are using all the free services available. Free bogging platforms for example will give the opportunity to start creating content and build up an audience you can sell your affiliate products to or make you earn money with advertising as soon as your traffic starts coming in.

Now, in theory this sounds absolutely wonderful and inspired by the great number of success stories I am sure you will get exited about your online venture, only to find out that it really isn’t all that easy. Maybe you don’t even like writing that much or you get discouraged by the slow start up speed many experience.

So you start looking around you for other ways to cash in and you are on your road to failure… you will be drawn into all different programs, different opportunities, reading and buying all sorts of e-books and the lot. You will get into that downward spiral more and more and in the end you just give up.

You did not have what it takes; you did not have what sets winners apart from failures! And no matter how long you search for Money Making Ideas online, if you don´t get to work right now, you won´t ever have a fighting chance to make money online!

One thing you will need to realize even before starting to think about making an income online is that you will have to do the “dirty work” and loads of it. Once you do see some chouse coming in, after having done all the dirty hard labor, you might start thinking of outsourcing the things you don’t like to do, so you can focus on those you do love to do, but until you get to the point where you have some cash to invest, online marketing is a hard tough job.

Have you got what it takes?