Short-waisted women sometimes have trouble finding the right clothes to wear. Certain styles can draw more attention to the waist and can make the woman look heavier or sloppy. It is important to wear what you like but in order to look your best there are some dos and don'ts as far as clothing is concerned.

Many times short-waisted women can be top heavy. This means you have bigger arms, shoulders, etc. You don't want to wear things that make you look fat or like a football player. Avoid shoulder pads or boxey looking jackets. Wear tops that are a little long. The best tops stop right above the hip. This will make you look slimmer and like your torso is longer. Darker tops are even better because they tend to make a women look more petite.

Blazers and jackets are always nice, but certain types don't work for the short-waisted woman. Longer jackets can work, but the best blazers or jackets are shorter. The short jackets tend to fit a short-waisted woman just right. They draw attention away from the waist and make her look slimmer.

The best skirts or dresses for the short-waisted women are straight or free-flowing skirts. If the skirt is lighter than the top that works better also. People will tend to look at an angle that causes the torso to look longer. A free-flowing skirt also hides the belly. If you wear a really long skirt it is best to wear a top that is the same color. This will make you look slimmer. Even if you are small wearing the wrong types of clothing can make you look like you have a belly. The free-flowing skirts that go a little below the knee can make any woman look slim and taller.

Belts are a bit tricky. They can still be worn but usually a little below the waist. If you wear the belt at the waist it can make you look shorter and can show a belly bulge. If you wear a belt it is best to wear one that is the same color as your top.

The important thing to remember about how you dress is that it represents who you are and what you want others to think. If you look sloppy it will seem to others that you are lazy. If you take a little effort to make yourself look your best it will make others think better of you. You will also feel better about yourself. These simple tips will help you to look and feel better about being short-waisted.