Every crib will come with at least all of the hardware that will be needed to assemble the model; however, there are a few factors that will make the difference between a GOOD crib hardware kit, and a GREAT one! This article has no intentions of promoting any specific products, but rather, it attempts to open the reader’s eyes to what should be included in one of these kits. Most manufacturers will choose to include everything that is listed throughout this article, but there are still some that are too cheap to include those few extra pieces that will make a difference. Realistically, including these few extra pieces in their crib hardware kit will only cost the company a few extra dollars, and they will already be making quite a profit from each crib that is sold at a regular price; at the end of the day, these amazing kits will make the difference between a customer being somewhat satisfied, and extremely satisfies.

A Crib Hardware Kit Should Include All Of The Nuts And Bolts That Are Required To Assemble

Have you ever bought something only to find out that the last few pieces that were needed for assembly were missing? This is the absolute most frustrating thing in the world, and can cause somebody’s temper to flare up instantly! This is mainly because of the amount of additional work and time that is required to acquire those required pieces of hardware. With that being said, a crib hardware kit should include absolutely all of the nuts and bolts that are required to assemble the crib. The best  way to go about doing this is to make sure that all of the nuts and bolts are there before you being assembling the crib. Although it will still be a horrible thing if some of the hardware is missing, it would be much better to know about the missing pieces before you begin laying out all of the pieces and assembling the crib. This will allow you to be prepared, and acquire those missing nuts and bolts before you being the assembly process.

Be Sure That Your Crib Hardware Kit Includes Some Extra Nuts And Bolts In Case You Lose Some

Everybody that has assembled something knows that the nuts and bolts that are required for assembly can be quite small; they are small enough to be list quite easily. Even though including a few extra nuts and bolts in a crib hardware kit, some companies choose to only include the bare necessary amount that is needed. The manufacturers probably figure that the extra 2-3% of the profit that they are saving will make a big difference at the end of the fiscal year. However, the customers will be extremely mad and frustrated when they lose a single bolt that will throw off the entire assembly!

Most Kits Should Include Some Crib Hardware Replacement Parts

Most manufacturers are smart enough to understand that some of their brackets and parts may be faulty or break after a while; these manufacturers choose to include a few crib hardware replacement parts in their kit with the product. However, there are some manufacturers that want to increase their profit margin, and choose to include the bare minimum amount of parts. I would not even consider buying a product that did not include some replacement parts because I know how much of a hassle it will be to get those parts after (if they are needed).

Many Manufacturers Will Sell You A Spare Crib Hardware Set For Some Additional Money

Customer service is a primary concern of most manufacturers, but they still need to make some money at the end of the day. This means that they will probably have to charge you for some additional parts that you need. You should be ecstatic that the manufacturer even offers the ability to buy a spare crib hardware set, let alone charges a minimal price for them. However, there are some horrible people out there that will charge an arm and a leg for their spare hardware set. Ensure that the manufacturer sells a spare set for a minimal amount of money before you purchase the crib to avoid frustration in the future!

Be Sure To Follow Instructions When You Are Going About Crib Hardware Replacement

Most of the hardware replacement will happen at least a few years after the original part was installed. Imagine that you assemble a crib upon purchasing it, and a part no longer works 3 years later. You may think that you remember exactly how it was installed, but it would be a great idea to follow the instructions when you are going about any form of crib hardware replacement! This will ensure that it is done properly, and your baby remains safe!