If a tragedy happens, you might have to survive by yourself for awhile. You should stockpile enough food, water, and additional items to help you survive for a minimum of 72 hours. Even though local and national aid will be provided following a tragedy, they might not be able to get to you right away. Assistance might arrive quickly, or it could be delayed for quite awhile.

Certain amenities like power, phone, gas, water, and sewer could potentially be down for many days, weeks, or even a month. You could even be required to leave an area immediately and only be allowed to take basic necessities along. Most likely, you won't be able to pick up what you need from stores before you go.

Citizens of the United States need to make sure they have 72 hours worth of basic items available to them in the event of a disaster. Here are a few survival supplies that all disaster survival kits need to have. But, you should always take into consideration the specific needs of your family due to location and other factors, so that your 72 hour survival kit will be effective for you. It would be most beneficial to equip a minimum of two emergency survival kits so that you have one that stays in your house and one or more that can be stored in other locations that are frequented.

Your disaster survival kit must include items that will allow your entire family to survive for a minimum of 72 hours and up to 7 days. A lot of people like to keep their disaster kits in a safe area. However, it needs to be readily available if you need to leave quickly. You might decide to keep it in a large garbage can, a piece of luggage, or other similar storage container.

The United States Department of Homeland Security has initiated its Ready Campaign, which is designed to teach its citizens how to plan for and react to possible tragedies such as natural and terrorist events. Ready wants people to perform three main tasks: prepare a disaster survival kit, establish a family emergency arrangement, and become knowledgeable about what kinds of disasters might happen and what they should do in those cases.