Looking for Fun Date Ideas?

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Dating will never go out of style so neither should coming up with fun date ideas. Whether it’s a first date, a romantic date, or date night for parents, going out on a date is a great way to connect (or to see if there is a connection). But what should you do? Where should you go? With all that is available around us, we still sometimes find ourselves stumped. Why not go back to basics? Sometimes the simplest activities are the most fun, not to mention very easy on the wallet. Below are three fun date ideas that are sure to be repeated.

Picnic with a Twist

A picnic is probably the most clichéd of all of the fun date ideas. Buy some food. Put it in a sweet little basket. Lay out a cute blanket. Sit on said cute blanket in adorable sundress or handsome button down shirt. Feed each other grapes, brie, crackers and wine and … ZZZzzz. I hear ya.

To kick it up a notch and turn it into one of those really fun date ideas, change the scenery and the corresponding activity. Do you like airplanes? How about a picnic near a private airfield? Watching the planes take off and land can spark the imagination. Make up stories about where all of the fabulous people are going and dream of your own travel plans.

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Add on a fun activity before or after the picnic. How about flying a kite? There is something awesome about seeing how high you can get a kite to fly. If it gets high enough it will take a while to reel it in…which is perfect if you’re having a great time with your date.

Wine Tasting – You Don’t Have to Travel to Napa Valley

Simple. Sophisticated. Casual. Perfect for wine novices who want to learn and experts alike. One of those fun date ideas for all (legal drinking) ages, it’s great for the first date or the one millionth. Wonderful small, less tourist oriented wineries are popping up everywhere it seems.

Small wineries are marvelous. You often have the opportunity to meet the owner(s) and witness first-hand how much they love what they do. Each winery has its own personality. Sometimes there are free guided tours of the vineyard, wine making and bottling process. Other wineries may offer the opportunity to take a self-guided tour. Still others may not offer either, but have wonderful vista views which are more than enough.

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Some wineries sell fruit, cheese and meat platters or the like for you to enjoy on their property with your wine find. Others allow you to bring your own food for a fun picnic with your new wine.

Wine tasting, the highlight of the experience, is often free. Sometimes there is a nominal fee like $5 per person which could include a wine glass engraved with the name of the winery. It’s a nice memento. Sometimes the price of the tasting is deducted from the cost of the wine should you buy any. There is often a wine accessory gift shop on the premises. Reservations are usually not needed for wine tasting, but it’s always good to check the winery website or call ahead.

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If you’re lucky enough to find a cluster of wineries, make it a wine trail day. If visiting multiple wineries in a day will be too much fun, then you have future fun date ideas built in! Make a game of it. Which winery has the best wine? Some wines are only available specific times of the year, so there may be even more reason to return. Want to do it all in one day? Sometimes wineries put together wine trail events where for the price of a ticket someone else drives you around all day to a select number of wineries with a meal often included.

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Farm Fresh Fun Date Ideas

If you like the outdoors and want to keep it casual, light and inexpensive, hit up the local family farm. Many family owned farms are open to the public and offer family friendly activities that are also fun date ideas. Activities ranging from fruit and vegetable picking, petting zoos, hay rides, music, homemade food, ice cream and more may be available depending on the farm. There’s something really old-fashioned and timeless about visiting a farm. You feel good because you’re outside and a part of nature. You see the fruit growing on the trees and the fresh milk and eggs. It feels wholesome. It feels good.

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Take advantage of the opportunity to get back to nature. Pet the farm animals. Take a horse-back ride. Walk out (or take a hay ride to) the fruit crops and enjoy a stroll and conversation while you pick seasonal fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, peaches, and apples till your heart is content (or until the farm closes for the evening).

Had a good time with your date? Take that freshly picked fruit home and continue the date by making delicious homemade pies. While you’re baking, drink some of that wine you purchased during your date at the winery.

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Great dates really can be born of the most simple activities and create the best memories. Deal sites such as Groupon and Living Social often advertise activities which can be really fun date ideas. Wine tasting packages and tubing on the Delaware River are just a couple of the many offers that I have personally scooped up. For a first date, I probably would not recommend using these sites, or any discount site or coupon (unless you don’t have to show your discount coupon), as you wouldn’t want to appear cheap. I know that’s a sad assumption if not true, but first impressions are important. Of course if your date loves getting deals too, have fun using your best money-saving techniques when planning your dates. What are your favorite fun date ideas?