A crystal chandelier can be a big investment. This might be one of the reasons why you don't have one in the home. It's also always been popular in design but it may seem a little bit fussy. You might just want something a little bit more youthful. However, there are all different styles that you can really find to suit your needs. A small chandelier is about the same price as an ordinary light fixture but it adds a lot more glamour and style. Instead of crystals though you'll often find acrylic beads in the lower price ranges.

Dual Shade

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Small Black Chandelier

One thing that you really might want to consider is going with a black crystal chandelier. This is a DIY project that you can really create yourselves. It can just have clear crystals or you can even paint these as well if you really want a very dramatic effect. This is a great update to basic brass chandeliers. You can even mimic iron if you go for a matte paint, but it can have more the feeling of lacquer with a shinier paint. This is a great way to use the lighting fixture that you already have but just give a kind of funkier vibe.

Be aware that this will eventually become dated. However, you can always just either repaint it again, or just remove a lot of the crystals and change a lot of the more traditional elements later on.


Small Crystal Chandelier

A modern crystal chandelier really is layered which is something that's very interesting. It has a small traditional crystal chandelier but then on the outside of it there is a drum shade. This combines two traditional elements in more of a funky kind of way. This is a big trend. However, you want to make sure that the drum shade is removable just so that when this trend goes away you can still have a usable lighting piece. This is also going to be one of the more subtle ways to bring crystal into your space.

Another option for a small chandelier is going to use a basic drum shade. This can be a much more contemporary version. These oversized lampshades are very inexpensive but it also has become quite popular lately. You can do a few craft projects to really mimic more of a designer look as long as you make sure that you follow proper safety precautions whenever you deal with lighting. A great way to add a little bit of bling would be to use mirrors. You could just add fragments of mirrors or small circles in the form of wall decals onto these pieces to really just give it a little bit of shine without using the traditional crystal.

When you really are going with a mini crystal chandelier or a full-size then you're going to see a lot of more rustic elements to make it a little bit more casual. This is something that is appearing a lot. Since black and rust colors are so popular in lighting right now. This is really a chance for you to showcase back. In this case it will have a lot of twig elements to it. This will seem very country. However, it can also go in a more traditional style that also has a lot of leaves. Usually these elements are made out metal, but then there are a few crystals but they won't be the faceted crystals that were so used to. This can be a garland that really seems to wrap around the piece and it can mimic a lot of what is going on in the jewelry world right now.

Small Chandeliers for Bathrooms