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 1.  Cooking

Have you considered teaching your child about healthy cooking?   If you start doing this, this is something good that your child will be able to model. Possibly your child has a favorite recipe.   This would be a good time for you and your child to bond and cook that entrée.   Children for some reason really enjoy a food when they have had some something to do  with preparing it.   Remember boys can learn to cook as well as girls.  That boy will someday be someone’s wife.   

Possibly, you can even search the internet for healthy cooking recipes and find something that your child would love to cook.



2. Laundry

As I watched Michelle Obama on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, it was quite impressive. Michelle shared that her daughter was doing laundry. Ellen appeared surprised. Ellen thought she would have a house cleaner to do that. Michelle also shared that they would not always be in the white house forever and that her daughter needed to know how to do laundry. In addition, she stated that her daughter did not have anything else to do, so she could do laundry. I thought this was quite commendable that Michelle Obama was teaching her daughter life’s skills. How many parents fail to do that? Therefore, children that are growing up in a household where there is a house cleaner, it might not hurt to let them learn how to do their laundry. Then, when they do go off to college they will know not to mix the colored clothes with the whites.

It would be good for them to know if they do mix the colors together to wash them in cold water, so they do not end up with faded clothes. That could be an awakening experience to have your favorite outfit faded to another color. Teach your child to fold the clothes neatly after they come out of the dryer.    Let them actually see the amount of detergent you use. How many have seen the movies where people do not have a clue about the amount of detergent to use and have ended up with suds all over everything?

You can start your child as early as   5-years-old to reach a top-loading washing machine, according to WikiHow. In addition, WikiHow suggests teaching children how to sort dirty laundry, checking pockets and turning printed shirts inside out to prevent wear on the printing. Of course, you will want to help.

3. Washing Dishes

If you have a dishwasher, you can teach your child to load the dishwasher. I not you can wash the dishes the old-fashion way by hand. Your child can wash and you can rinse and dry. This way, you can check for any missed spots. I find that this works well with children. This is a good way to start. Eventually, your child will be able to rinse and dry the dishes too, because you will learn to rotate between washing, rinsing, and drying.


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4. Wiping the Table

Allow your children to wipe the table off after meals. Your child will be contributing and learning to clean after his or herself. This can become a good habit if done continuously. In addition, your children can empty their plates of leftover food to the garbage. When he is in school, the teachers will expect this of them after they eat their lunches. Therefore, as a parent, you should expect no less.

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5. Emergencies

Make sure that your child knows what to do in an emergency. They should know their phone number and their address. They should know how to dial 911. They should know a specific person to contact should there be  an emergency. That contact person might be a grandmother, grandfather, neighbor, aunt, or possible uncle. Always take time to teach your child the skills that you want them to know.[3219]