How to Find Your Skin Type

Did you know that making sure that you know what skin type that you are is one of the most important steps to creating a skin care routine? Without this very important piece of information, there is no way that you can not select the correct products and formulas to use every day to help you to look great. The thing is that many women head out to their local store to pick up a moisturizer or a face wash without really answering this question for themselves.

So before you buy some product off a shelf and then wonder why it does not work for you, it is time to decide just what skin type that you are. Now remember, our skin changes as we age so you will want to check back on your face to see if it has changed later on.


Most people who are of an oily skin type can tell straight off the bat. If you feel like there is always a layer of oil on your face, then this is you. A shine that covers your face no matter what time of day it is, then this is probably the skin type that you fall into. Other signs that this is your category would be constant breakouts and blackheads popping up all over.


You might be shaking your head that much of the description above sounds like you, but it is not all over your face. You are a combination skin type. This is when you are oily in your T zone and normal to dry over the rest of your face. Your T zone is your forehead and down the nose all the way to the chin. So if the above items happen only in this area of your face then this is you.


A normal skin type is someone who falls in the middle of it all. You do not feel like there is an oil slick or a high gloss shine on any part of your face unless you have been running a marathon. You also do not feel that you are in the dry category. Make sure to pay close attention if this is you. It is very easy to end up as being dry because you assumed that your skin was still normal and it had changed over time.


When you have a dry skin type, your skin often looks like it needs a drink. The lines and wrinkles on your face look more pronounced. Your skin might even look like paper. A dry taught feeling is often had over the face for people who are deemed as being dry. There are varying levels of how dry you actually are so that you can choose the best moisturizer for you.

It is important to know your skin type. Just like you know what size shoe to buy so that you can look good walking down the street, you need to know what the needs of your face are. With this knowledge, you can knowingly go and get the best products to make you look and feel your best for your skin care routine.