Are you looking for some good web hosting? Or are you a beginner online to web hosting services? If so you are probably looking around at a myriad of web hosts wondering what is the best option for you. You can easily pick a really cheap and nasty host, but does it provide all the options you want? Some do and some do not.

As an example you may be looking for a good host to host multiple sites or you may be looking for a good web host that can support php, or curl function or run Wordpress as well.

All of these are important aspects to want from a host. There is nothing worse than getting a host that does not have one of the above as a feature that is needed to run your applications.

A Little About My Web Hosting Experience

I have been in the industry for a while now and I have moved my own sites around a bit, some of the features important to me are 24/7 support, can support all my needed sites, including oscommerce based sites, wordpress and php based applications. I need a host that can also allow multiple domains, not just one as I run over 10 websites.

Most of which are very popular as well so I needed a host that could handle lot's of traffic to my sites.. Depending on which plan you get, Hostgator can help with high traffic sites.

If your looking for the same service then one of my most recommended cheap affordable web hosting companies I have been going with is with a company called Hostgator. I currently run half my sites on there server now, they are fast, have great up time, allow multiple sites, shared ssl and many more features you can see if you go to the official Hostgator site. All of which I am sure will suit most online beginners to the more experienced long time web site managers.

Why Hostgator?

Hostgator is one of those hosts that took me by surprise, I started running some of my extra sites on there server and found that in the end they ran better than my old one, what surprised me was that they had all the features of my previous host including cpanel based and at a much cheaper and affordable price. In the future I plan to move all my active sites, some top hitting sites over to them as a cheaper and better option than my other host.

Even Cheaper Hosting with Coupons

When you buy a new Hostgator plan, do not forget to use a coupon. The coupon code blogspecial (copy and paste) allows the buyer to receive a hosting plan for around one penny. Nice discount hey.

BONUS - Also as a bonus to new Hostgator accounts is another $100 dollars in Adwords credits.