If you are new to the sport of roller skating you may be looking to buy your own pair of roller skates but are confused by the huge variety of roller skates available. One of the benefits of owning your own pair of roller skates is that the boot on your roller skates will break in and mold to the fit of your shoe and performance will be the same each week you go to the roller rink.

If you use rental skates at the roller rink you may have a pair that works fine one week and then the following week when you go skating the fit of the rental roller skate is drastically different. If you truly want to improve as a roller skater then you need to buy your own pair of roller skates.

Most roller skating rinks now rent out Riedell Speed Skates for an a additional charge. If you have been skating with the traditional style skating boots switch over to the speed skates for a few weeks. After you have skated on both traditional skates and speed skates for a few weeks you can then decide which you like more. Do you prefer the traditional styled skate with a high boot height and high heel or do you prefer the speed skates with there low heel height, low boot cut, and faster wheels and bearings?

Once you have decided which style if skate you like then you can go from there. If you are a new skater I am sure you have heard the advice to go with a cheaper pair of skates but not too cheap. The thing to make sure you get is a leather boot and not a vinyl boot. Vinyl boots are amazingly comfortable and generally do not need to be broke in. The problem with vinyl is the life span is not near as long as good quality leather. Even if you are just a recreational roller skater who only skates once a week at the skating rink then I would still suggest you buy leather boots. A leather boot will last much longer.

There are many brands of skates to choose from. One of the most popular brands is Riedell. Riedell offers both speed skates, artistic skates, recreational skates, as well as roller derby skates. Riedell, as with many other brands, offers everything from low end entry level vinyl roller skates to high end customized roller skates made with premium leather.

Take a look at the roller skates Riedell has for sale. I suggest you try and buy a pair that is leather. You cab always upgrade to higher end components at a later time as you advance in the sport of roller skating. Here are some of the Riedell Speed Skates that are available at many online retailers including SinCitySkates.com :

Riedell R3

The Riedell R3 is an entry level speed skate. SinCitySkates sells the Riedell R3 for $104.00. The R3 features a Vinyl boot, ABEC-3 bearings, and a lightweight nylon plate.

Riedell Diablo

The Riedell Diablo is basically a slightly modified and upgrade version of the Riedell R3. The Riedell Diablo features a red vinyl boot, ABEC-5 bearings, 62mm Radar wheels. SinCitySkates sells the Riedell Diablo for $149.00.

Riedell 795

SinCitySkates features 2 entry level roller skating packages that use the all leather 795 boot. This is the cheapest all leather boot that Riedell sells. At SinCitySkates you can buy the 795 Rogue for $169.00 or the 795 Phantom for $199.00. The Riedell is a great way to get a quality pair of leather Riedell roller skates for less than $200.

Riedell 122

The Riedell 122 boots are American made with high quality leather. This speed skate boot also has the Riedell inner counter inside the boot. SinCitySkates offers three packages that use the Riedell 122 boot.

  • Riedell HELL CAT 122
  • Sure Grip Fugitive 122
  • Riedell Flat Track Derby 122 Package

If you are looking at less than $300 for a pair of skates the Riedell 122 is an excellent choice. You will get a great quality American made leather boot that will last a long time. The R 122 can also be upgrade so if in the future you want to upgrade any components you can easily do it.

Riedell 265

The Riedell 265 was designed for roller derby but can also be used for speed skating and even recreational skating. The Riedell is the classic roller skate that features the two old school stripes on the side of this all leather boot. The 265 has a Velcro strap to help you in the corners. The 265 is a very versatile boot. The Riedell 265 can be built any ways you want. SinCitySkates offers 5 builds of the Riedell 265 in addition to there custom builds of the Riedell 265.

  • Vandal 265
  • Probe 265
  • Classic Wicked 265
  • PowerTrac265
  • Wicked Mojo 265
  • The Sickest 265 of All
  • Reactor 265

SinCitySkates offers many other Riedell roller skates. If you wear a large size that is not available online you can have any American made Riedell boot such as the 265 custom made up to a size 15. The custom charge for a larger size is only $60.00 but if you pay $90.00 instead of the $60.00 you are entitled to get 3 customizations. If you get 3 customizations you can use one of them for the larger boot size. For the other two you have many options. You can pick a custom color for the boot and then you can also modify a lot of other features depending on what you like.

Any companies sell Riedell Roller Skates. SinCitySkates.com offers a lot of Riedell roller skates and have great customer service. If you are a novice skater SinCitySkates can help you get a great pair of skates that is within your price range. The good thing about American made Riedell boots is that you can easily upgrade all of the components when you want more advanced bearings, plates, or bearings.