With all the available software programs it really is impossible to say that any one is the very best. You will have to figure out which capabilities you really need when it comes to reports, just how much you would like to spend and which kind of cell phone you are using. Having experimented with several of these programs I truly only recommend picking out one of the next 3: Flexispy, StealthGenie or Mobile Spy. Choosing from these three will save you time and a lot of hassle in the long run, they are reliable and they also work well. Now the question for you is which one of these to buy?

Flexispy Mobile Phone Monitoring

For me they are definitely the top software program available today. Flexispy works with the biggest variety of phones and operating systems. This software offers live call listening for some mobiles, really the only spy application with this feature. The company is without a doubt sound and has now been at the cutting edge of this technology for many years - respected, efficient rather than just after your hard earned money. They also have great help and support and reply to questions which can be crucial with any complex product such as this. They have user friendly software with no shortage of documentation to get you started.
Flexispy does have a negative aspect unfortunately. Flexispy is the most expensive choice and by a significant margin and they only offer annual contracts. The full featured yearly product will cost you about $350. I do believe there are actually only a couple of reasons why you should go to this amount of expense - in the event you need to have live call listening or the mobile you own isn't supported by the other companies. In any other case I do think you will be spending much more than you need to. For anybody who is the type of person who must have the very best then you won’t be disappointed. 

Stealth Genie for Advanced Phone Monitoring

StealthGenie will be newest of the three applications I look into, the newest arrival. They cover all of the basic features very well and have good support plus a nice looking website. Where Stealth Genie is a let down is with a smallish range of supported devices - they only handle Blackberry and Android cell phones at this time. Also with the company being fairly new they don’t yet have a proven track record which means that there's a slightly greater risk with your purchase. 
Where I am going to recommend Stealth Genie is for their own unique mobile tracking capabilities. They have some truly clever monitoring and alert solutions ideal for tracking children as well as staff members. These features are really worth looking at if you're mainly interested in tracking capabilities. As prices go StealthGenie is towards the expensive end at around $200 for their top package but they also provide some less costly options. This software competes with Flexispy in relation to advanced features when your mobile phone is suitable and for quite a bit less. As they add to the list of supported cell phones their business is going to grow.

Cell Phone Monitoring By Mobile Spy

If you are cost conscious but still would like high quality spy phone software with a little less functions then Mobile Spy will be your next choice. Although slightly less sophisticated than the other brands they can still be competitive by performing the standard functions well and have decent mobile tracking features. They are the longest standing software supplier within this market. Don't get hung up on the more advanced capabilities, Mobile Spy is able to do a lot more than the majority of users will ever require and do it effectively. A significant selling feature is the price of this software. The best annual program will cost you around $130 and you can start at approximately $50 for a three month deal. Mobile Spy is usually a great way to get started with this type of software without having to spend too much money. 

Choose Spy Phone Software Suitable For You 

As with most products it's clearly hard to identify the best. Flexispy is the best for supported phones and innovative call listening capabilities, but not for price. StealthGenie spy software is the most effective with regard to tracking a phone though not for the list of mobile phones you can use. Mobile Spy software has the best prices but less in terms of features. Begin by looking at the supported cell phone lists to find out if the products will work on your exact phone. Next determine which functions you really need to have. Answer these kinds of questions and find the best cell phone spy software to suit your needs.