If you haven't already tried it, you might want to sample the rich roasted flavor of Green Mountain Coffee. This coffee is delicious and bold flavored, and sure to give you the pick-me-up that you need, anytime day or night. Not too long ago, it became hard to find this favorite coffee, and a lot of people began to wonder where they could buy Green Mountain Coffee. It is often available in gas stations and in many cafes in a ready to drink format, but if you want to brew your own coffee at home with this brand of coffee, you will need to figure out where it is sold so that you can buy it.

After a pretty thorough search through a couple of Wal-Mart Super Centers, I was unable to find Green Mountain Coffee. However, I did see it in Kmart once in their tiny and limited grocery section. This might have been a promotional coffee sale that may never come back again; I haven't looked for this brand there since. Green Mountain can also be found at many rest stops and truck stops. I'm not quite sure why; it's usually found in the souvenir section which is inconvenient for someone who is looking to buy coffee on a regular basis. Then you have the local grocery stores, which will certainly vary in availability and product that are carried depending on where you live.

Price Chopper carries Green Mountain Coffee, as does Hannaford's Grocery store. These are pretty big grocery store chains that carry a good variety of all types of foods, especially coffee. They also carry Dunkin' Donuts brand coffee and several different varieties of Starbuck's coffee. I personally think Starbuck's is a bit overrated. I can't comprehend why people continue to pay an outrageous amount of money for a cup of joe that really isn't all that tasty or special. The Starbucks ground coffee also comes at a premium price and isn't that great brewed at home. It certainly wasn't worth the extra expense to me.

As this coffee has increased in popularity, as expected, so has its price. You can find coupons for Green Mountain Coffee online that can help you save money on coffee. Coffee is one of those few things in life that we just can't live without. Some people drink it to help them wake up and be more alert. Others drink it because they love the taste; the sultry flavor of a deep roast rolls into the mouth almost magically. Still others drink coffee more out of habit than anything else, kind of like having a vice. If you can find Green Mountain Coffee on sale, you'll be able to save even more money, especially if you use coupons in conjunction with the coffee sale.

There are cafes and beverage speciality shops that sell specialized brands of coffee. There is so much more to life than Maxwell House of Folgers Coffee. Once you experience the different types, roasts and flavors of coffee, it will be hard to go back to a more plain brand. If you haven't already, you might want to give Green Mountain Naturals a try. They have a cider cup that is just out of this world. There are also Barista Prima New K-cups, for those who are looking for new products from Green Mountain Coffee.

Be sure that you buy a good coffee maker to make your brew at home. Cheap coffee makers can be found just about anywhere from an online cooking supply store to your local discount department store. Make sure you remember to buy coffee filters and any accessories that you might need to enjoy your freshly brewed coffee.

I don't know about anyone else, but I am a self-proclaimed Coffee Mate addict. I have tried coffee creamers, flavored creamers and there is nothing like a bottle of Original Coffee Mate Liquid to turn my cup of joe into something delicious. I also add a bit of Sweet and Low to my coffee to make sure that it has all the right sweetness without the additional calories. I think adding the Coffee Mate adds enough calories to my coffee, there's really no need to add more. Artificial sweeteners can give me the sweet taste I want, but without all of the calories.

Green Mountain Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee is sold in most gas stations.