What stores sell Bobbi Brown Makeup Introduction

In this review I will be telling you what stores sell Bobbi Brown makeup? The reason I am telling yo where you can buy Bobbi Brown makeup is because most people don’t know where you can buy this type of make up. The reason this make up brand is called Bobbi Brown makeup is because the owner is actually called Bobbi Brown (which by the way is a lady). First of all I will be telling you some of Bobbi’s life stories. When Bobbi was a child she used to watch her mother apply make up on her face and she looked wonderful. She once tried some make up on hersBobbi Brown Makeupelf and she used to steal her mother’s make up so she can use it when ever she wants to. Did you know that when Bobbi was able to work, when she had the chance she went to a small cosmetics store around the corner and she started getting some training there? Bobbi had never thought that she could have been such a successful person. One day she had a great idea where she wanted to make ten lip sticks where it doesn’t have a smell, wasn’t dry and it wasn’t greasy. Bobbi was expecting to sell at least 100 lip sticks in a month but instead it took her only a day to sell 100 lip sticks. This goes to show that this woman loved makeup which was simple. Carry on reading to find out some more interesting information and facts about Bobbi and her amazing makeup.

Information about Bobbi Brown Makeup

Not only was Bobbi’s lip stick amazing but she had other wonderful ideas as well. The word was spreading fast because BobBobbi Brown(61919)bi’s make up were getting popular by the day. Bobbie then decided that she should make a yellow based foundation. Even though this makeup brand has been out for a long time in the makeup market it’s still very famous and popular. If you don’t believe me (which I hope you do believe me) you can check on magazines, you could browse the web, you could ask people and you can find out many other ways as well. Did you know that she has written about five engaging beauty, instructional and life style books? The five books Bobbie has written so far are called: Bobbi Brown Beauty, Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty, Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution, Bobbi Brown Living Beauty and finally but not least let’s not forget Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. So as you can see all of these books are to do with make up (which you should have guessed in the first place). Carry on reading to find out some of the other fascinating information and facts about Bobbi Brown makeup.

Bobbi Brown Product List

Now I will be naming some of the make up products that you can find in Bobbi Brown shops (which I will be telling you a little more soon). Some of the make ups that you can buy from a brand called Bobbi Brown are: Silk Pro (which is including12 Pieces and is for a Professional Face Powder(61921)Travel) Cosmetic Brush Set, Bobbi Brown Hydrating brush cream, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, Eye shadow by Bobbi Brown (which you can get in the colour white), Bobbi Brown Pastel Eye Shadow Palette (which has 7 different Eye Shadow colours and is including a Brush), Bobbi brown tinted lip balm (Desert bronze), colour intrigue gel eye liner (with brush), Bronze Shimmer Brick Compact, Luminous Moisturizing Foundation (Natural), Bobbi Brown creamy lip gloss (Dusk 2 in the colour pink), Sleek Glo Face & Body High lighter Sun Goddess, lip gloss (bright pink), Bobbi Brown- 4 pan palette (which are all empty so you could put make up or something inside as well), Bobbi Brown long- wear gel eyeliner (Black ink), Creamy colour gloss, cream concealer kit (Natural), Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow, lip gloss (pink blossom), Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit (with two colours which are Ivory Pale and Yellow Powder), Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara (black), Bobbi Brown Eye Makeup Remover and La Femme Nail Polish (in a Set of nine pink and purple Colours). Carry on reading to find out some other make up products from Bobbi Brown which you can buy.

Creamy Concealer Kit (Warm Beige), Creamy Concealer (Almond)shimmer lip gloss (rose sugar), creamy lip colour compact (blush pink), lip gloss (rosy), Metallic Lip (Black Garnet), treatment lip shine (moon light rose), glitter lip gloss compact (rave), metallic eye shadow (black berry), lip gloss (scarlet), eye shadow (cocoa), cream blush stick (desert rose), long wear creBobbi Brown Makeup Brushes 19pcsam shadow (malted), Oil Free Even Finish Compact Foundation (Warm Ivory), creamy concealer (bisque), shimmer lip gloss (ruby sugar), lip gloss (rosy), creamy concealer kit (almond), Creamy concealer kit (beige), creamy concealer kit (warm natural), shimmer lip gloss (kir sugar), luminous moisturizing foundation (natural), Bobbi Brown sheer finished pressed powder (golden orange), Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation, Bobbi Brown shimmer brick compact (rose), Bobbi Brown glitter lip gloss compact), Bobbi Brown lip liner (Tulip), Bobbi Brown lip liner (bark), Bobbi Brown lip liner (mauve), Bobbi Brown lip liner (red) and there are many other fantastic products for this make as well. So as you can see there are Nail Polish, foundation, lip gloss, lip stick, eye shadow, make up brushes and many more products. Carry on reading to find out some more fascinating information and facts about Bobbie Brown make up.

What Stores Sell Bobbi Brown Makeup?

Now I will be telling you where you can buy these fantastic make up from. If you would like to buy some make ups from an online website you can go to: Amazon where they have a variety of selection for this brand alBobbi Brown Storeso at a very good price, EBAY, the Bobbi Brown make up official website which will have all the latest products that you can purchase from or you can just see what new products have come out and there are many other online websites that sell this brands makeup. The shops you can buy Bobbi Brown make up are: Argos, any well known makeup shops like Boots, John Lewis, any well known body shops and etc. Well I hope that you have enjoyed reading all of this incredible information and facts about Bobbie Brown. I also hope that you have had fun reading this article also I hope that this article has answered your question which is what stores sell Bobbie Brown make up?