What TV is Best


Deciding what TV is best to buy can be a confusing process with the hundreds of choices in size, technology, and extra features. If you are just looking for a basic TV that allows you to enjoy your favorite TV shows, then all the extra features are not going to influence your decision much. What you do need is to understand and determine are what basic features you want in a TV. These TV buying tips will help you do just that.

Flat Screen TV Size

The TV screen size is a diagonal measurement from one corner of the TV screen to the opposite corner. Therefore, a 52 inch TV means that the screen measures 52 inches from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. The width of the flat screen TV is usually about one to three inches less than this diagonal measurement.

The size of the TV screen is important for two reasons. One, you need to know how large of a TV your entertainment center can hold. Although, if you are mounting the television to the wall, then your wall space needs to be measured. Secondly, how far the seating is from the TV makes a difference in how big of a TV to get. If the space measures 75 inches, then the maximum television size you could fit comfortably in that space would be 76 to 78 inches.

To determine how big of a TV to get based on seating distance, measure how far away the couch is in inches from the television. Then divide this number by 1.5 and by the number 2. This will give you a range of TV sizes optimal for your TV viewing space. For example, if the couch is 7 feet, which is 84 inches, away from the television, you will want a 42 to 56 inch flat screen TV. (84/1.5=56 and 84/2=42)

Types of Flat Screen TVs

You have three general options in the type of screen display; LCD, LED, and Plasma. Each has its own pros and cons, making it mostly an individual preference and budget decision as to which one to get. To decide which you like best, go to a TV retailer and Plasma TV What is the Best TVview the different TV types from different angles and in different lighting. 

Plasmas, the most expensive, tend to look best in dark lighting and when viewed from directly in front of the television. Less expensive LCD TVs tend to have better picture quality than an LED and cost less. However an LED TV can be thinner than a LCD TV.

Read the Reviews to Help Decide What TV is Best

Check the flat screen TV reviews in respectable publications and at technical review sites. To get the best bargain, you want a television that will function without fail or deterioration of picture quality for several years. The cheapest TV is not always the least expensive in the long run. That cheap flat screen TV may not turn out to be such a great deal if it breaks down on a regular basis.  Take the time to read reviews from experts and consumers at sites such as Consumer Reports and Amazon to get a feel as to how well a certain television performs and its reliability record. This will help you decide what TV is best to buy so that you are happy with it for several years.