or, Am I Slipping Into The Dark Ages Without Knowing It?

OK, I admit it, I have drawn my social media lines in the sand, and Pinterest is on the wrong side, but it keeps coming upvon Facebook so I thought I’d try to figure out the purpose.  Surely, something so popular must be filling a huge void, right? Something we’ve all been lacking all our lives without even knowing it?  Well, if my life is truly a social wasteland without Pinterest, then I’d better figure out quick what I’m missing, and what poor substitute I’ve been using to fill the Pinterest-void.  I set out to discover what seems to be captivating all my virtual friends these days.

The search begins

SeussCredit: JestMe

First stop – Pinterest.com.  According to the site, Pinterest is an online pinboard.

OK.  As in…..”Have you seen this dog” pinboard?  No, I guess that’s more like a telephone pole, not a board.  Maybe a “Buy bread” pinboard?  Nope – frig.  I seem to be missing something here - need to search a little deeper for a meaning.

Ah.  “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.”  Well, pictures of things you love anyway.  Kind of like a virtual hope chest.  Filled with cleaning tips.  And the hope chest has different compartments.  There must be more to it than this, better keep looking.

Wait, here we go, “Pinterest is a pinboard photo-sharing website that allows you to create and manage…”. Well there’s my first problem.  My greatest managerial talents lie in creating chaos for others to try to sort out, not in organization.  Themed collections?  Are you kidding me?  Where do the chicken pictures go?  Farm fanatasies?  Poultry parades? Reasons why I can’t get dates?  I can never figure out how to sort things.  Big problem for a potential Pinterest user.

Moving on...

No problem then, I'll do it differently.  Maybe I could have a hope chest without dividers.  We’ll just keep going and pretend we haven’t seen that word.  Read on.  …get an account by receiving an invitation…..  What?  I have to know someone that does this?  Wait a minute  …or request an invitation from the site….  This is so no good for my ego.  Not only did I have to suffer through being the last picked during high school gym class, now I have to INVITE MYSELF to a website?  Actually beg for an invitation, it seems.  Bad prom memories coming in.  I need to put this aside quickly and move on.

Backing up for a minute; I need a recap.  You need a special invite to become part of a site that lets you, instead of actually doing anything, “pin” a picture on a virtual wall of what you would be doing if you weren’t searching for pictures of things you like.  Have I got this right?  And when you have your wall, excuse me, pinboard, you are supposed to keep your pictures in the right groups, and keep the content current, adding, deleting, or moving your virtual interests as the mood strikes you.  And have fun doing it.  Got it.

Great, but do I need it?

Well, this makes perfect sense to me….I guess…. but what’s the unfilled void?  Why have so many people glommed on to what appears to me to be a virtual corkboard?  Maybe it’s my personal lack of organizational and managerial skills that make this last question so mystifying.  Perhaps if I were just a little more competent I’d have compartments of ideal children, amazing cars, and those way-cool ‘showgirl’ chickens I’ve always wanted.  I could list my favorite sponges and the best rake for picking up wet leaves.  Shopping!  Crafts!  Cats!   Easy to see how people can get carried away over this.  Well, other people.  I’m not sure how long I could deal with something that actually requires some effort. Heck, I can't even remember to put the 'buy milk' picture on the frig.  I somehow don't think my hopechest will be having a Pinterest compartment.

So what have we learned?

I suppose that ends my exploration into Pinterest.  It seems as though I've learned all I can without actually delving in and trying to categorize my interests. Time to redraw my line?  I think I’m going to have to pass on this one.  I just can’t see myself being dedicated enough to put up more than three pictures.  Ever.  Add one more subject to my “Ways I’m not cool” list.

Now what is this Twitter thing that people keep talking about?