Shabby chic is a style that you can incorporate when you are decorating your home. It is also a style that applies to fashion. People who dress this way prefer the quality of the clothing as opposed to newness. Shabby chic basically describes a style that is worn out but very tasteful. In order to decorate the interior of the house you require furnishings and furniture items that are a bit worn out.

You can also use new furniture but it has to be distressed to make it look like an antique. The style originated in Britain and it brings to mind home decorating that you would find in large country houses. Typical features in these country houses would include worn out and faded curtains and sofas.

In order to create the shabby chic look in your home you need to combine vintage and new items that will create a warm environment. There are colors that are commonly used to achieve this country house look. These colors include yellow, light blue, red and green. These colors are used in combination with white and cream.

To achieve an even better country house look you can use wallpaper or wallpaper borders. Furniture items that are made of solid wood like oak and pine will also create the country home feel. Antiques are perfect because they accentuate the aged look. There are specific fabrics that have to be used. Floral, checked and striped fabrics work best.

They are normally used in the bedroom and living area. People that have adopted this manner of decorating use ceramic tiles and natural wood for their floors. Good alternatives would be checkered designs and painted patterns as they also compliment the floors. If you like rugs use them in some of the rooms.

This way of decorating is basically for individuals that appreciate a feminine, floral and soft look. When the term is used with reference to fashion, a person can adopt this look and still look stylish. In order to achieve this it is important to choose the proper colors. Opt for colors that look faded.

Examples of the neutral colors that you should opt for include antique rose, mustard yellow and grey. Skinny jeans also help to create the classy vintage look. Layering your items of clothing will also create the same effect. However when you layer your clothes consider color and texture. Individuals who prefer the shabby chic style focus on quality and sophistication rather than current trends.