things to sell online

If you are racking your brains trying to figure out what things to sell online, then here are a few tips, to get some money in your pocket.

First of all, the quickest sales, are things that you can slip into a envelope, or small package, the minute you require huge packaging and large postage costs, they are not going to move to quickly. From personal experience, I can tell you, selling things on sites such as Ebay is the way to go, and also by showing a price including shipping, sell the quickest.

If your item is small you can quickly estimate based on the weight and size of the envelope or small package, how much it would cost to go to the furthest part of your country. Then figure out how much you want for your item. (You can work this out based on others that are competing with you) and add the postage to that, and then advertise it as a "one price deal"

Many customers, do not like having to add to the price afterwards. Now that being said, here is that list of things to sell online, that are great for a quick sale.

1. small car parts

. parts such as radio knobs in older cars, owners manuals, window winders, switches. If you have a wreckers yard near you, you can try and find older cars and see about buying up these smaller items. I bought a window winder for a older mustang in a wreckers where you go and get the parts yourself. The guy just looked at me when I came to the counter to buy it, and said "that is it?" and just gave it to me, but it fetched $8.00 online! Do that enough times, and you can get into some serious money here. You are basically doing the shopping for someone in need!

So keep any small car parts in mind. Even if you have an old car yourself you can strip. Check online, such as Ebay motors and see what parts are selling. It doesn't even have to be exotic cars or sports cars. Cars that are over ten years old, have a hard time finding small parts. My brother has a 12 year old Saturn, and he has to drive for miles to find any parts as they are not sold much now in the local auto supply stores. He had to find a window winder, which he did. But he would have gladly paid someone online to mail it to him.

These can quickly fit in a small padded envelope and be mailed quite cheaply.

2. Craft patterns in bulk.

I find these sell best when you can find a few of the same type, such as 5 or 6 booklets on cross stitch, or knitting. You can find these many times in garage sales, and reuse it centers. These mail easily in larger brown envelopes. I will sometimes get them for .10 cents each and sell the 5 together for $6.00.

3. Motorcycle parts and manuals

. Once again the small parts can be sometimes hard to find. Things that break off of older motorcycles, can be hard to replace. By having a few smaller parts around to experiment with, you are not filling your basement up with other peoples junk in the hopes of selling it!

4. Post cards

. Do you have any old post cards kicking around? Especially of far away places, or locally from years ago? Places that don't even exist anymore? You can start by trying to sell your own, and then check out the estate sales and garage sales for others. It doesn't seem to matter if they have writing on them, sometimes the postmark makes them worth the money too! You will learn as you go along with some of post cards. Just keep looking up others for sale, and you will get a feel for the market.

5. Coins

. These too, can be found at estate sales, and are very easy to slip into the mail.

Just check online to see what people are looking for. Then keep notes while you are out shopping.

The above five items are ideas of things to sell online that are quick and easy to package and drop in the mail for little postage cost. You sell it with the "postage included" make sure to say that in your description, that seems to help with a sale too! Your house does not fill up with large inventory of stuff and junk.

Just try and think outside the box. When most people think car parts they think, engines, transmissions, door panels etc.. but in reality many people are searching for the radio knobs, or the door winders, or handles, even the emblems. (emblems can fetch good money).

Do some research online, and look up the completed sales. Ebay is a great place to do the research. You can find out how much something can get you, or if yours is not even listed, you can name your price. If you got it free in the first place, or for very little, then you can experiment without investing in larger purchases. You can make a good living selling online even with the 5 and 10 dollar items. They are quick and easy to get out in the mail, and you sell a few of these a day and you can start to accumulate some serious spending money!

So go shopping in the wrecking yard, the garage sales, the estate sales and the reuse centers, you may just find the part that someone has been looking all over for! Don't be afraid to sell overseas either. Just ask for extra postage for anyone overseas.

Get set up with a paypal account, and this way you can accept money from all over the world. You just never know what part of the world is looking for that radio knob from that mustang, or those cross stitch patterns from the 70's. Don't rule out anything when it comes to selling things online.