Somehow the other day I got tricked by my lovely wife into going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It was a sneaky trick , but I decided to play along and act completely immature...just to teach her a lesson...which is to not to take me along next time.

We were meandering through the aisles looking for some crazy kitchen attachment or something, and then lo and behold! I saw the most enormous oversized wall clock I've ever seen in my life. I'm talking about a clock that you tell time from across a football stadium. My wife didn't see the clock section yet, although I'm not sure how you couldn't see these wall clocks as they literally were up to 3 feet in diamter. So, being the immature adult that I am, I started the conversation like this:

Me: Hey sweetie, what time is it?
Her: Umm I don't know, don't you have your watch on?
Me: No dear, I didn't wear it. It would be really cool if they had a clock here or even sold wall clocks in this store.
Her: I think they do...although I'm not sure where they keep them?
Me: BAM! How about over there? Can't you SEE the enormously large clock section right there?
Her: Your so funny (sarcastically of course)

I got a chuckle out of it at least. I'm telling you folks, if you haven't seen these large wall clocks yet, you're going to be impressed. I still can't imagine the size of the house (or wall space for that matter) that you'll need to be able to hang these wall clocks in/on.

Once we got over to the actual area where they were selling these wall clocks, I was even more surprised. I'm not well versed in wall clocks, but they must have been selling 35 different types of wall clocks, and even more desk clocks, mantle clocks, etc. This is a whole specialty market just for clocks! Obviously, I missed the fact that large wall clocks are clearly a trend in decorating your home now and the ones in this particular store were actually quite nice.

The really large wall clocks of course were the ones I couldn't get over. They technically were in the following sizes, 24", 25" , 27" and 36" and 38". The 38 inch wall clock was the one that stood out from across the store.

I didn't look closely enough at the backs of the clocks, but I imagine you'll need to consider using special heavy duty wall anchors or extra weight hanging kits when mounting these. A few looked extremely heavy and I am pretty confident you'll even need an extra helping hand when putting these up.

Just as a side note, I was actually also impressed at the variety of wall clocks that this store had. I had no idea so many different types existed. Some were made out of metal framing and others looked like simple kitchen wall clocks . They even had one atomic wall clock which was cool.

All in all, I learned something new, and I was pretty impressed by the sheer immense size of these wall clocks. It was a good day shopping after all:-)