The hardest part about starting a blog is choosing the right topic to blog about. This is the biggest barrier for most people who want to start a blog and can often kill new blogs if the writer doesn’t choose the right topic. What usually happens is you’ll start off really enthusiastic about your new idea and you’ll go full steam ahead for a few weeks but then you give up because you can't be bothered to continue to write about that subject anymore. There are several things to consider when choosing a blog topic and I will take you through the most important in this article.

When choosing a theme one of the most important questions to ask yourself about a theme is; am I going to be able to write about this for at least a couple of years. Yes that is a big ask but it’s the kind of commitment that you need to be able to show if you want to make this venture successful. You need to be able to commit to this venture for a couple of years and that is why a lot of people say you need to be passionate about what you blog about because you need to keep up the writing for several years and also make sure that every article you publish is full of useful content.

The other thing to consider when choosing a topic for your blog is how much you already know about the subject that you are about to start writing about. For example if you want to write about health and fitness it’s really important that you have substantial knowledge on the subject and you have the ability to create individual blog posts and break it up into easy to digest articles for your readers. The more you know the better your blog will be but don’t worry about not knowing everything as you will learn as you go along. You will never have all the answers or all the knowledge as long as you know enough to get started successfully you will start to learn a lot more as you go along.

Although I have mentioned this before I want to go into more depth as I think it’s a really important part of choosing a topic and that’s passion. You should be really passionate about the subject that you are about to start a blog on. If you have no passion for what you're going to be writing about and you’re maybe starting that blog because of the potential money you could earn or size of the audience you could gain you won't ever be able to keep the fire burning long enough to keep going at it. Without that fire you will give up very quickly because you might not see results and you’ll just think it’s all pointless.

Some of the other things to consider when starting a blog are the goals that you might have for the blog and how they line up with the topic you are choosing. When choosing the theme for your blog you should as some of the following questions: is there anyone interested in what you are going to be writing about and how are you going to be able to differentiate yourself from all the other blogs that blog on the same topic as you. Once you have successfully answered these questions for your chosen topic and your happy with your answers you are ready to start your blog.