What do you buy a surfer for a gift? So you have someone you want to buy a gift for but their only passion is surfing and you want to get them something they'll really appreciate and will make good use of, something that will show how well you know them and make them love you all the more for it. Choosing presents for a surfer can seem like a pretty difficult task, especially if you know little about the sport yourself...


What To Buy A Surfer - Kolohe AndinoCredit: Pedro Szekely


What To Buy The Surfer In Your Life:



A new set of fins make an absolutely great gift, most surfers underestimate how much effect fins have on the performance of their board and their overall surfing. A great set of fins will improve your surfing a great deal. The perfect set being 11 time world champion Kelly Slater's signature set - the K2.1's (Important - Check first that the surfboard they are for uses FCS fin system). Read more about surfboard fins.

FCS K2.1 Kelly Slater Glass Flex Surfboard Fin Set
Amazon Price: $60.00 $58.90 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 29, 2013)

Tailpad / Deckgrip 

Tailpads attach to the top of the surfboard under the back foot providing excellent grip while allowing the surfer to push harder through turns and help with overall performance. They also provide added protection for the surfboard and aid with foot positioning. They come with all sorts of great patterns and colours, so go mad.



A leash is an excellent idea for a gift as they are always a great necessity. Leashes are used to secure the surfboard to the surfer, and you should always have at least one spare. If you choose to buy a leash it should be roughly the same length as the surfboard, so if the board is 6'2 a 6 foot leash would be ideal, they generally come in 6ft, 7ft, 8ft etc. 

Dakine Kainui Surfboard Leash (7-Feet x 1/4-Inch, Black)
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(price as of Jun 29, 2013)


Surfing DVD

No better way to amp up before a surf than watching your favourite pro's tear it to shreds. Also perfect for passing the time during those flat days as well as being an excellent way to improve your own surfing.


Board Bag

Board bags are designed to keep precious surfboards safe and protected while on the move. Surfboards damage really easily and a good board bag is a definite necessity for any serious surfer. They come in various forms, whether you're looking for a single surfboard, day to day bag for throwing it in and out of the car or a multi-board, heavily padded bag designed for flights and world travel. 


Board Sock

Board socks are an elasticated towelling bag to keep a surfboard in, they do not offer the protection of a board bag but they are perfect for keeping it safe from the odd little knock, out of the sun and also for keeping the water and wax away from your car and living room etc.


Surf Spot Guide

Books such as the Stormrider series are an excellent choice to buy a surfer. They are a series of books that document pretty much every surf spot in the world and hold all the information you need about each destination.


Wetsuit Boots

Depending on where your surfer lives and the time of year they surf, a decent pair of wetsuit boots could be very highly appreciated. Or if they already have some maybe a fresh new pair will save you putting up with that horrible smell and could prove a great gift for both of you.


HD Hero2 Surf Video Camera

The ultimate idea for what to buy a surfer, the HD Hero2 Surf Camera allows you to capture all of your surfing action in HD video. Mount it on your board or attach it to your head or wrist. Capture all of your surfing sessions in professional HD video and relive them over and over again or edit them to a great soundtrack and create your own surf movies. The perfect gift for a surfer.

HD Hero2 Surf Camera
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(price as of Jun 29, 2013)