So you are going to Denmark. Lucky you! Denmark is a wonderful place to visit. You have probably already made your list of what to do and see, as well as what to eat (one word: smørrebrød). While you’re time in Denmark might be limited, your souvenir could be forever! Therefore, it’s important to know what is available for you to buy. There are of course the usual postcards, stamps, key chains and “Denmark” emblazoned clothing items, however if you are reading this article then you probably want something more special. Therefore, here are several ideas for quality, uniquely Danish items. Keep in mind that most of the following can actually be found in the CopenhagenAirport shops just in case you do not want to lug your souvenirs around. Enjoy!

Paper cut outs and mobiles

Danish paper cut outs and mobilesCheerful, handmade, colourful paper cut outs and mobiles are popular all over Denmark. They come in various shapes and sizes and many have traditional motifs such as flowers, birds, and Danish homes. Also look out for Easter and Christmas themed examples around those holidays. The mobiles look great hanging in your kitchen, in a window, or in a child’s room, and also make a great inexpensive gift for someone if you are short on Krone. Look for them in department stores, bookstores, and souvenir shops.


Anton Berg Chocolates

Anton Berg ChocolatesCredit: Anthon BergAmerica has Hershey, Britain has Cadbury, and Denmark has Anton Berg. Founded in 1884 by a man named, you guessed it, Anton Berg, this company has been the “Purveyors to the Royal Danish Court” for over fifty years. Their products include fruit, caramel, and marzipan filled chocolates, gift boxes, dark chocolate bars. If you are in Demark around Easter, look out for chocolate and marzipan filled mini eggs. That said, perhaps the most famous Anton Berg products are their “Liqueurs”. These are bottle shaped chocolates filled with various famous liquor brands such as Jack Daniels, Malibu, and Cutty Sark Whiskey. You shouldn’t have trouble finding Anton Berg products, and most of their products are available at the shops at CopenhagenAirport.


Georg Jensen Silver

Georg Jensen SilverCredit: Georg JensenSince 1904, Georg Jensen has made high quality silver items that have both functionality and beauty such as jewellery, cutlery, watches, vases, home decorations, Christmas ornaments, and other products. Most of their products can be on the expensive side, however they do sometimes offer smaller items like belt buckles, money clips, and some jewellery at bargain prices. Georg Jensen has a small flagship store on the Strøget in Copenhagen, but their products can also be found in department stores. Also in Copenhagen is an outlet store which also offers Royal Copenhagen products (see below). This is located on Søndre Fasanvej in the Frederiksberg section of the city.


Royal Copenhagen Porcelain

Royal Copenhagen PorcelainCredit: Royal CopenhagenWorld famous Royal Copenhagen Porcelain dates back to 1795. Although most of their products are no longer made in Denmark, their collection of dinnerware, collectibles, and home décor still make great souvenirs. Annual Christmas plates are popular as are the figurines, such as the Little Mermaid. You can find Royal Copenhagen products in their own shop on the Strøget in Copenhagen, department stores, and the above mentioned outlet that Royal Copenhagen shares with Georg Jensen.


Kay Bojesen wooden animals

Kay Bojesen animalsKay Bojesen started making wooden animals in the 1930s with the idea to create something that was simple, solid, and that inspired children to play. While Bojesen died in 1958, his legacy and the production of his animals live on, and are a fun example of the skill and beauty of Scandinavian design. You can find wooden dachshund dogs, puffins, and animals. Their most popular item is the monkey.


A bottle or two of Danish Beer

Skands BreweryForget Carslberg and Tuborg! Denmark now has one of the best craft beer scenes in Europe. Look for bottles from breweries like Nørrebro Bryghus, Skands, To Øl, Evil Twin, and most especially anything with the name Mikkeler attached to it. “Mikkeler” refers to Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, who has become something of a celebrity in the international craft beer world. If you are heading up to the town of Helsingør, I also highly recommend the Wiibroe Imperial Stout!