Let’s be honest:  There are few things sexier than getting your hands on the best upright vacuum.  Due largely to their prominence in athletics and hip-hop, upright vacuum cleaners are currently the hottest item on the market – true examples of that old adage, sex sells

…Not buying it?  All right…you caught us.  You’re right – there aren’t many people out there rapping about upright vacuums.  While upright vacuum cleaners may not be a mainstay of sex appeal, they are a household appliance that few people can live without.  That being said, buying a vacuum is not always a cut and dry process.  When looking to fill the vacuum void in your home, it is important to understand that not all models are created equal.  Here are some things every prospective owner should consider before buying an upright vacuum cleaner.

Weight –One of the first crossroads on the journey to discovering the best upright vacuum for you is whether or not to go lightweight.  On the surface, the decision sounds easy.  "Of course I’ll go lightweight – I mean, why wouldn’t I?"  There are certainly many benefits to a lightweight, upright vacuum – notably ease of use, portability, and storage.  That being said, it is important to remember what is making your prospective lightweight vacuum so lightweight.  Many times, the weight of heavier models (such as an industrial vacuum) can be attributed to additional features built into the appliance.  One is not necessarily better than another – they’re just different.  Decide how you plan on using your vacuum before choosing a weight.  Is having a portable vacuum cleaner important?  You be the judge.

The Bag (or Lack Thereof)
Hover WindTunner T-SeriesCredit: AmazonTo bag or not to bag, that is the question.  Hamlet, right?  Anyway, when buying a vacuum, the bag situation is something you must consider.  While enthusiasts have drawn strict party lines on the issue, to bag or not to bag really just comes down to preference.  A bagless vacuum cleaner looks sleeker – no one is arguing against that.  However, they can be messier when emptying into the trash.  Our recommendation?  Go bagless if you have little kids with little toys that could potentially fall prey to your vacuum cleaner’s undiscerning appetite.  Other than that, it’s up to you!

Warranty – While vacuum cleaner warranties may not score super high on your list of Oreck Commercial 2100RHS 8 poundCredit: Amazonleisurely interests, that does not mean they are not worth your consideration.  Va
cuums can be expensive – especially if you buy one of those fancy Dyson kinds.  Take a moment to review the warranties of your potential purchase – understand what parts are covered and not covered.  Believe it or not, a vacuum is a somewhat complicated appliance with its fair share of moving pieces and components.  Protect yourself (and your investment!) by understanding its warranty.

Maintenance Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor CordedCredit: AmazonConsider this a follow-up to the warranty section above – a thrilling sequel, if you will.  Unless you consider yourself a vacuum aficionado, chances are you’re not planning to buy one again for quite some time.  Just like anything else, the only way to get the full value out of your investment is to maintain it properly.  How often does it need to be cleaned?  Are the parts (such as belts or filters) easy to replace? (Suggestion: Consider an online search, such as "dirt devil parts")  Should it break, where can it be repaired?  How much can a repair cost?  These are all questions you should ask yourself before pulling the proverbial vacuum trigger.

When shopping for the best upright vacuum, consider its role in your home – both now and in the future. If you thoroughly understand the model you want and how to care for it over time, we guarantee that you and your appliance will enjoy many happy years of cleaning together!