Printers are getting smaller, cheaper, easier to use and more functions can now be carried out by your average printer.But you shouldn't just choose the cheapest, best looking printer or the printer with the most features.There are a few important things to consider before you make your purchase.

How many pages do you plan on printing every week ? - If you plan on printing over the 20 page mark weekly or if you are going to be sharing the printer with other users you should look into getting a laser multifunction printer.

The Real Cost Comes Later - Although a printer available for just a few Dollars, Euro or Pound may seem like a real bargain that original purchase is only the tip of the iceberg.The real cost is calculated by the cost of replacement ink.If your not careful a real bargain buy will turn into an expensive mistake.

Make sure the printer you purchase allows you to replace individual colors rather that having to replace all colors at once.Dont be afraid to ask staff at your shop or Ebay sellers, Amazon help these questions.You can save money on ink by buying higher capacity ink cartridges or buying cartridges in bulk online.

Print Resolution - Print resolution refers to the quality of the printer or dots per inch (D.P.I.).Most good printers have a resolution of 4800 x 1200 D.P.I.

Scan Resolution - If your going to use your printer to make copies of Pictures you should be looking for a scan resolution of 1200 x 2400 D.P.I.

Memory Cards And Connection Cables - Many Modern printers have a digital photo memory card reader.A memory card reader is convenient for people who have multiple types of memory cards and would like to quickly transfer pictures to their computer.Many new printers are wireless but if not you will need a USB printer cable, make sure to find out if your new printer has a USB printer cable included.

As you can see purchasing a printer is not just about cost or style, make an informed decision not a regrettable decision.