Hair loss after pregnancy unfortunately is inevitable. The extra hair that a women might have grown during her pregnancy is lost soon after birth. Do not be alarmed as this is completely normal. It may take as long as a whole year for a women's hair to return to normal and fall at a normal rate,  which is just a few strands at one time.

Women will most definitely notice a tremendous amount of hair loss after the birth of their baby. It is normal and is due to the fact that the hormones in the body are readjusting to their normal state before the pregnancy. Hormones affect many parts in the body. It can affect the growth of hair and nails, milk production, ovulation and menstruation.

Most women notice that their nails become remarkably harder during pregnancy. This will return to normal or its pre-pregnancy state once the baby is born. Pregnancy affects the entire body and different women will have different body changes.  For instance, a mother who is breast-feeding her baby will have a longer readjustment time than a mother who is not.

Some women may notice that their once normally straight hair is now curly and women that may have had curly hair are straight, after their pregnancy. Remember, it may take up to a year before the hair returns to its normal state before the pregnancy.

No doubt it is quite shocking to see a whole bundle of female hair loss just fall out after a pregnancy. It is common to find clumps of hair on your hair brush or on the drain. Do not be alarmed, you will not notice any bald spots on your scalp. All that is occurring is the loss of hair, that was gained during the pregnancy. So essentially you just losing the extra hair you gained during the pregnancy. As mentioned earlier it might be a year before your hair returns to its normal state.

The hair does become noticeable thicker during pregnancy. The reason for this is that the hair follicle does not release the hair at the same rate as when one is nor pregnant.

Now if you do notice a huge hair loss after pregnancy, remember it is quite normal. The key is to enjoy it while it last as once the baby is out, not only will you have to worry about hair but you might also be sleep deprived.