Bad Dates Happen

A first date is exciting and if everything goes great then it could be the beginning of a long-term relationship. Unfortunately not every first date goes great. That means that after the date is over you could be left wondering what went wrong. A man who is not very successful at dating, and who has a bad first date is likely to find himself at fault for the bad experience. There are some things that you should do when you have such an experience like this, so that you do not let it get to you and mess with your mind.

During The Date

If you see signs that the date is going bad, then it is time to end it before it gets worse. You need to make sure that she is not having a good time, but asking may not give you the right answer. If she is spending time on the phone, looking in every direction but yours, has not smiled in a while or has her arms crossed then those are signs that she is not happy or having a bad time. If that is the case then it is probably too late to save the date, so tell her that there is something that you need to take care of and that you will be glad to drive her home. Just because the date is going bad it does not mean that you should stop being a gentleman. Make sure that she has your number, and let her call you if you were wrong about the assessment and close the night with nothing more than a hand shake.

After The Date

So the rumor is that you should always call a few days after the date, to see if she is interested in doing it all over again. If the date went bad, then you will not get a second one (unless she is a glutton for punishment). You are better off not calling, but if you have her email address just send her a line telling her that you had a good time and that you hope her date had gone better. Do not tell her you will call her and don’t ask her to call you, one line is more than enough and see what type of reaction you get. It could be that she was having a bad day and wants to try it again, but let her tell you that.

Don’t Take It Personally

Taking a bad date personally can lead to a plethora of bad decisions which you simply do not need to make. The guys who take it as an assault on their personality are the ones that go back to the same girl until they get a restraining order. If you think too much about it then it can lead to depression and guys who seem depressed do not look confident and do not date much. Keep in mind that just like not every girl is right for you, you are not the right guy for every girl. Use the bad date as a learning experience, but do not dwell on it.

Keep Fishing

Just like mom used to say “there are plenty of fish in the sea”. If the girl calls you and wants another date after you sent her the email and you feel like trying again then go for it. If there is no reply to your email within a day or two from the time you sent it, then move along and ask other girls out. You will eventually find a girl you will have a great date with or several and you will not even remember the bad date happened at all.