Slip, trip and fall accident can happen to anyone. Most fatal injuries are suffered by aging persons, due to the fragility of their bodies. However, any unwary pedestrian,

employee or student can suffer from such accident.

Factors that may cause slip, trip and fall accident are the following: trouble on floor surface, shoe, environment, mind and body coordination. Injured persons may have trouble in his or her muscle and joints contraction and expansion.

Physical or environmental abnormalities may trigger such accident. When a person loses track of her center of gravity control, imbalance may cause slipping, tripping, and falling. Physical deformity or mental damage may occur depending on the impact of a person's fall on the ground.

Also, a person may face trouble in transferring one's weight, swinging the foot, or pointing the toes forward. As a person speeds up his walking/ running/ movement, the chance for such accident increases. The foot is capable of committing instability depending on the body's mind and body coordination.

Loss of balance often happens among obese people, as they need more force to coordinate their center of gravity (it is the 50 percent of the location between the floor and the head). Poor lighting can also cause the accident.

A person has the right to be forewarned or cautioned regarding the safety conditions of roads, pathways, workplace, or any existing environment.

Types of Slip, Trip, or Fall:

1. A pedestrian obstructed by an object.

2. A person encounters a tip or sharp surface that impedes the foot from walking normally.

3. The person fails to notice a pit or hole.

4. The floor's surface is unable to sustain the center of gravity of a person.

If a person slips, trips or falls against a hard surface or floor, the damages may range depending which part is impacted. If the muscles receives the impact, the damage is usually

less. If the bones receive the impact, the damages are more severe.

Pedestrians need to be wary of glossy tiles, wet surfaces, and rowdy roads, under construction pathways or vicinity.

Any person who suffered slip, trip or fall accident may file a fall compensation claim.

Insurance and health coverage plans can alleviate financial burden. Remuneration can include the total amount of loss income, personal expense, and medical costs.

If a person suffers a slip, trip, or fall accident within a commercial vicinity, the owner

of the infrastructure is responsible by law to remunerate medical expenses. Public roads and infrastructures needing repair are subject for slip, trip, and fall accident notices.

Work places are needed to be safe at all times for the employees. A professional Personal Injury Lawyer will help you go through the process of claiming your rights. A Los Angeles slip, trip, or fall lawyer will assist you in gathering evidence, documents, medical abstract, and police investigation. Know your rights today.