What To Do If You Get Arrested For a DUI

It's late. You're driving home from a party when you see blue lights behind you and feel your bones turn to sludge. That's right, it's the police - and they have a breathalyzer test with your name on it. You only had two beers, but you won't be seeing your bed tonight. You've failed the breathalyzer - and now you have a DUI.

Don't Panic

The first thing most people do when they fail and breathalyzer test is to promptly panic. When panic sets in, one of two things occurs: either the individual breaks down into a million pieces, crying and sobbing, or flies into a rage.

It's important that you not panic. You must remain as calm as humanly possible. When the cops tell you that you have the right to remain silent, they mean it. It's your right. If you're in a dead panic you may do or say things that you will regret later. Lets look at a prime example:

Tony gets pulled over by the police one weekend on his way home from the bar. The police decide to give him a breathalyzer test and he fails. Tony is then handcuffed, read his Miranda rights and placed into the back of the police car. Tony is panicking. On the way to the police station he tells the officers repeatedly that he only had a couple of drinks. Later Tony calms down and decides to fight the DUI. He hires an attorney who discovers that the breathalyzer results were lost by the court. The attorney contests that Tony had not been drunk and, due to the lost test results, the prosecutor could not prove otherwise. Unfortunately, in his panic, Tony admitted to the two officers that arrested him that he had, indeed, been drinking that night. Thus, Tony is convicted for a DUI when he would have walked free with a clean record if he'd stayed calm and kept quiet.

Do you see how important it is not to speak? Rest assured, there is absolutely nothing that you can say or do that will result in the police letting you go before due process is served - nothing. No amount of begging or pleading or rationalizing is going to help you. It can only hurt you. The things you say may seem harmless now, but they can come back to bite you later.

Ask For Help

Although it may pain you to do so, asking for help immediately after being arrested for a DUI is the best decision you can make. Unless you have plenty of money set aside to hire an attorney, you'll probably have to make a call to mom and dad. Yes, they are going to be furious and disappointed. If you're lucky, however, they're also going to rally to your side and help you find a way to minimize the damage a DUI can cause.

Your parents can help you locate a DUI attorney, help you find auto insurance after your DUI (because your current carrier is likely to drop you) and help you pay court costs and fees.

Why are all of these things vital? Having a good attorney can mean the difference between a criminal record and sweet freedom. Car insurance not only keeps you safe behind the wheel but if you don't have any, you could find your license revoked, depending on your state. Court costs and fees must be paid or you could land yourself right back in jail. Yes, your parents will be disappointed, but they will also help you.