Christmas is the favorite holiday of the year for children and adults alike. Nothing is more exciting than being a child and waiting expectantly for that special day when Santa Claus has left a mountain of presents under the Christmas tree while you were sleeping. For adults, being able to watch the wonder and excitement of your child's face is a beautiful thing and you can't ever put a price on that. Out of all the holidays, Christmas is also the one with the most religious significance. A lot of people will spend a long time shopping and preparing for this magical day but most stop with the presents. It can be a lot of fun and create a lasting family tradition to do something special on Christmas after all the presents have been opened.

Family Christmas Dinner

Years ago, the family Christmas dinner was an event that pulled in family members from all across the country even more so than Thanksgiving. Traditions like this seem to have vanished for many families recently due to the economy and simply not being as close knit as families were in decades past. It's never to late to try to get your entire family to agree to come to your house or another relatives house for a whole family Christmas with a big meal to close out the day. If you have a large family, obviously the relative with the most space is the best choice for this. If you don't have much family, you can invite close friends so you have a lot of people filling the house with holiday spirit.

Christmas Movie Extravaganza

A favorite for people of all ages, putting on a few Christmas movies after the kids have wound down a bit and come off their presents high is a great way to bond and have a great time while doing it. Depending on the ages of whose there, you could put on anything from classics like It's A Wonderful Life for the older people to Santa Buddies for the kids, or even Silent Night, Deadly Night if it's mostly teenagers and young adults. If you have a dinner planned, a movie is an excellent way to relax and wind down before friends and family leave.

Fun Games For Kids And Family

Since Christmas is one of the few times you may have all your relatives around, you will probably see all your nieces, nephews, and cousins. It can be a lot of fun to have kids around because you have a free pass to be really silly and act like a kid yourself. One of the best ways to connect with the kids is to play games with them. Monopoly is probably a bad choice because it's just so long but shorter games like Uno are always a great hit. If you live in a warm area, you can get a game of football or basketball going. If there's snow, you can have snowball fights, make forts, snowmen, and even go sledding. Holidays are really all about the kids so now's your chance to be that fun relative they will talk about for years.

Fun For Adults

If you don't have any kids around, you can do a lot of other things that your relatives and friends might enjoy. You can play some fun games like charades, poker, or anything else you all can agree on. Having a few eggnogs can usually make even the most shy relative come out of their shell and you can learn a lot about your family with some games. Video games that a lot of people can play at once can be a big hit if you have trivia games such as Buzz! Trivia or some fun bowling games on the Wii.

Go To Church

Technically, Christmas is a very religious holiday and if you and your family are religious, going to your local church is almost mandatory. There may be a potluck, games for the kids, or just an extra long service with a lot of singing and cheer. If you have relatives who don't want to go, don't force them. Respect their wishes and you'll all get along great when church is over.


Christmas is about giving and there's no better way to give back then to volunteer somewhere. This can be a homeless shelter, elder care facility, or something similar. The elderly who live in facilities may have something fun going on and by volunteering there, you can have the chance to spend some time with a generation that is older than you and your family and you may even end up making a few good friends. It can be a lonely time for a lot of people and just by being there to help out with a bingo game or something can make a lasting impression and bring some happiness into someone's life.


I don't know about you guys, but my friend's party like crazy on the holidays. It doesn't matter if it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or whatever holiday you celebrate… but call some friends and see what the plans are, if any!

In addition to these ideas, there may be some great local activities going on in your area. If you live in a large city, there's most definitely some kind of event going on that is Christmas themed and the whole family may enjoy. There could be block parties, free concerts, discounts at local theme parks and much more. A quick Internet search or read through the paper should tell you everything that is going on that day so make sure to plan ahead.

Make sure your family and friends are ok with your plans before inviting them over. Some people will just want to relax and if you plan a bunch of activities they don't want to do, it could lead to arguments and nobody wants that to happen on Christmas. If you know someone really can't stand a certain activity like watching a boxing match, don't order that on pay per view until after they leave.