Bosque de Chapultepec

If you already found where to stay in Mexico City but not know the area, you could think that the city closes its doors on Sundays. While in some parts of the city that is the case, it does not mean that there is nothing to do. There are a lot of activities which you can enjoy on the quietest day in the city and you could find surprising how much fun you can have. If the hotel that you chose is in a part of the city that is quiet on Sundays, then all you need is to get to the Metro and look for these great choices for things to do in the city.

Get Your Exercise In

One thing that does close on Sundays is a lot of the streets in the center of the city. You will notice that a lot of Mexico City, from Allende to Sevilla, the streets remain closed to cars; that is so that people in the city can get some exercise in by jogging, walking, biking or even walk their dogs. You can jog on some of the main streets in the city or even rent an eco-bike without having to worry that a car will make it dangerous to ride. There is a rental fee for the bikes and a deposit is required, but you get the deposit back when you return the bike and you get to see the city in a different way.

Some parks will also offer zumba, yoga, dance or aerobics classes for free so you can join them when you see them. The most popular spots for those classes are Alameda Central by Bellas Artes, The Cazadora (The Huntress) monument by Sevilla and a few of the smaller parks in the city.



Soccer is the sport to watch in Mexico and Mexico City has three teams in the major league. A lot of the games take place on the weekend so one of the teams is very likely to play a home game during your visit. The three teams that you can watch play live include Club America at Estadio Azteca, Pumas UNAM at Estadio Olimpico Universitario and Cruz Azul at Estadio Azul. All three teams have a long winning history and tickets are available on game day unless it is playoff time when the tickets go on sale 3-4 days before the match. The tickets to matches range between 120 Pesos to 600 Pesos (around $10-$52) depending on the match and where your seats are.

Day At The Park

Some of the businesses in the quiet areas do close on Sunday, but none of them are at Bosque de Chapultepec. When people in Mexico City think of going to the park to spend the afternoon they usually think of Chapultepec. There is so much to do so on a Sunday you should not expect to have a quiet time, but that does not mean that you cannot have fun. At the park you will find several museums, the zoo, the aquarium, botanical gardens, an auditorium, a lake with boats you can rent, good finger food and several souvenir stands. Also spread through the park you will find monuments to poets, artists and Mexican historical figures. Chapultepec is split in three different sections with section one by the Chapultepec station being the most popular one.

Lake at Bosque de Chapultepec

If Chapultepec is too far from you, then you could also visit Viveros de Coyoacan. That is a large park without nearly as many vendors. The Viveros park is close to Casa Azul so if you want to check out the Frida’s House Museum you can do so on the same day. To get to Viveros you would need to take the metro to the Coyoacan Metro Station.

People who are staying close to the Centro Historico can visit Alameda Central. The park is not nearly as big as the other two, but you can catch some performances or simply relax at a bench before heading to Bellas Artes, Allende or Chinatown. Torre Latinoamericana is right by Alameda central and it gives you the best view of Mexico City from the restaurant on the top floor.


The stores by you may be closed, but heading to a mall in Mexico City will allow you to do some great shopping in international stores as well as big Mexican chains. Some of the best malls that you will find in the city include Parque Delta by the Centro Medico Station and Galerias Villa Coapa. Those two malls are as modern as any mall in any large city in the world and they include food courts and some of the better movie theaters in the city.

If you are looking for souvenirs then there are two spots that will give you great prices and variety. Xochimilco is very popular with tourists because of the boat rides around the canals, and by the small ports there are usually several souvenir stands with some of the best prices for Mexican handmade crafts. To get to Xochimilco take the light rail train from Taxqueña to the last stop.

Mercado de Artesanias Balderas

The Mercado de Artesanias de Balderas by the Balderas Metro Station is by far the largest place to buy souvenirs and it is open on Sundays. This small market features handcrafts, toys, jewelry and souvenirs from all corners of the country. If you want a particular type of souvenir, and they do not have it at Balderas, then it probably does not exist.


There are several great museums in Mexico City, and the good news is that some of them have free Sunday admission. Other museums have very low weekend admissions so you can take advantage of those prices. Some of the museums to visit on Sundays include:

  • Templo Mayor (Free on Sunday)
  • Museo Nacional del Arte (Free on Sunday)
  • Museo Nacional de las Culturas (Free)
  • Centro Nacional de las Artes CENART (Free)
  • Museo Mural Diego Rivera (Free on Sunday)

Most other museums have admission fees that ranges from 15 to 75 pesos, but are still worth the price. There is a booth on Alameda Central which has free information on museums in Mexico City and the guide is available in both in English and Spanish. 

Streets closed for bikers

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