New Year's in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great place to visit no matter when you are planning to go, but going during the December holiday season is especially fun. The problem is that because it is so much fun you may not make it to all the places you want to visit. If you are planning to travel to Las Vegas in the December holiday season, then here are some tips that can help you.

Start Saving

Traveling to a popular destination during the holiday season is not cheap and Las Vegas is not the exception. The difference is that you will be paying more money for the flight, hotel, car, entertainment and parties. That increased amount of spending can quickly accumulate if you are not ready as you could be forced to not enjoy the time in Las Vegas as much as you should. That does not mean that you will not save money on some things if you visit during the holiday season, but it does mean that you need to prepare a little more for money that you will inevitably spend during your trip.

The difference in price for air and hotel depends on which hotel you are looking to book and where you are traveling from and it could range from 300 to 1500 extra what you would normally pay. The cheapest options will be to the north of the strip and off the strip, but you can get rooms in better hotels if you make your reservations early. Waiting for the last-minute will limit your choices and raise the prices.

Make Your Reservations Early

So you know that Las Vegas is a top destination at any time of the year; now picture everyone who loves the city and wants to have a good time for the holidays booking at the same time. If you want to get a good room (at least one that is close to the action) then you need to make reservations early. The longer you wait, the less likely you will be to get the room that you want. Some people will make reservations a year in advance and while that is a little too long, you should have every night for your stay booked by October at the latest. November would be just pushing it and because the demand goes through the roof so do the prices.

You should also buy tickets to parties or dinners you want to attend. Dinners and clubs can sell out quickly so if there is one at a particular club or restaurant that you want to go to, then you should maybe subscribe to get alerts and updates so that you know when the tickets are available. A show is also a good idea, and you are able to get those tickets well in advance so call to ask about them the moment that you know you want to attend.

Where To Stay

This is a very important decision that you have to make soon. The first thing that you need to consider is how close to the celebrations you want to stay. If you have tickets or reservations for an event or a dinner, then you may want to consider staying in that resort. Traffic in the Las Vegas boulevard is crazy at any time of the year and during the holidays it becomes even worse with some drivers not necessarily being designated drivers. The strip is not open at some times so even the side streets get crazy. You will also see a lot more people walking on the sidewalks making it a bit harder to get where you are going even if you are walking. This is especially true of the strip from the New York-New York and MGM Grand to the Wynn. You should still enjoy a walk outside while people celebrate but it is better to avoid driving and staying close to where you are partying.

Tips For New Year’s

If you are not the type of person that likes large crowds, then you should just skip the clubs in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve and definitely do not head to Fremont Street. If you are in the city for a fireworks display then get to any places high in the resort.

The strip closes for New Year’s Eve and that in itself is a party you want to go to, but there are also great parties to attend inside. When you go to the best clubs in Las Vegas it is very likely that you will run into a celebrity or a lot of them depending on the club you chose. The parties are great and that is why it is hard to get into them. This is one night when you should go there early, even a couple of hours before the club opens even if you have tickets.

Best Parties

Fremont Street Las Vegas

Here are some of the best parties if you are visiting Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve

  • Fremont Street: Booking a hotel Downtown Las Vegas is not a bad choice for two reasons, the hotels are a little more affordable and Fremont Street transforms into an even bigger party than it usually does. The giant screen and audio system help this spot become a really great place, but you will not be able to move much so pick a good spot and stick to it.
  • Ghostbar: Ghostbar is not on the strip, but it is one of the most popular clubs in the city and it gives you a great view of the fireworks. That is because it is high up the Palms so you can welcome the New Year with the best music and an unmatched view.
  • Body English: The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has been known for a long time as "party central in Las Vegas", and Body English is the center of its nightlife universe. The party starts at 9pm but if you want to be there at midnight then you should make plans to get there a lot earlier than that. Get your tickets in advance.
  • XS: XS is one of the most popular clubs in recent history and the party you can expect on each December 31st is one that you will remember forever. You will not miss the celebrities on stage and on the floor because the club attracts a lot of them. XS is at the Wynn and if every night is awesome you can bet that a special event is not something that you want to miss.