The idea for this article came about after I returned from my late dinner only to find yet another article of mine being rejected on InfoBarrel. Strangely enough, the thought of giving up wasn't in my mind the moment I saw the notice in my inbox.

My existence and continuation to write here depends greatly on how I want to react to the rejection. So, I am choosing to look at in in a different light rather than to be negative about it. I would like to share some of the ideas that came to my mind that I believe will benefit other fellow writers who has come across the same fate.

1 - Check Your Work
First thing to do when you find that your article is rejected is to check your own work. You can reread your article and make the fixes on the spelling and grammar. That's usually the cause of the rejection. Otherwise, if you completely give up on your piece, you can delete it and write a new one on a new topic altogether for submission.

2 - Compare The Work Of Others
When my article gets rejected, I can hear the voice in me telling me that I am not good enough. Yes, that's my evil twin inside me trying to rub insult to injury. To retort back, I chose to learn to improve by checking out the works of others. Comparing the works of others and mine helps me to find my own mistakes and identify areas I can improve on. So, if your article is rejected, have the openness to learn from others to correct your own mistakes. Some may fight with their ego about comparing their works with others, but a little humility can help you see your own flaws.

3 - Get Someone To Proof Read
Remember, others can see our mistakes that we can't see for ourselves. So, if you can't find anything wrong with your article and yet it still gets rejected, then you should get someone qualified to check it for you. InfoBarrel has a great community of writers who are ever so helpful to help you on it. Another way to get your articles proof-read is to hire a proof-reader or an editor.

4 - Read More
If you are like me and haven't been practicing writing for a long time, you'd have the problem in identifying your writing voice. Reading helps me to refresh and to relearn what was forgotten.What you can do is to read the books of the authors who has the writing style that you like and learn from it.

5 - Write More
I have many unpublished articles and blog posts.Sometimes, I just don't feel that these articles are good enough to be seen. The point here is about not letting imperfection to stop us from writing. If the article didn't work out as you wanted it to be, keep trying and keep moving forward.

Writing isn't easy but it doesn't mean that it is impossible. Eventually, you will master it when you dedicate yourself to it and keep on practicing.