In my opinion, the number 1 best thing you could do when you're not feeling all that great is to write. Let yourself write down all of your feelings and thoughts. This helps you get to the bottom of whatever it is that is bothering you.

Writing is extremely effective in helping someone feel better whenever they're down. It's super therapeutic and some would argue it's better than any medication a doctor can prescribe. When you write, you allow yourself to really express what you're going through. When writing, make sure you are open and honest with yourself and your readers about what you're going through.

I've spoken extensively on free writing and that is the technique I would recommend to anyone who is not feeling that great at the moment. Just google free writing for an explanation of how this technique works.

We all have our issues and it's important to write or find some other way of expressing yourself creatively. It's so important in fact that it should be taught in schools. It's a shame how many people completely bottle up their feelings and emotions. This can lead to serious health problems both physical and mental.

I recommend writing to everyone and anyone that is going through a rough patch. Did you know you can make money with your writing? Check out my signature under my name for more information. I write for Infobarrel and earn a little extra money through my writing. The beauty of this is that I can write about whatever I want whenever I want.

Through your writing, you can not only help yourself but your writing can also benefit countless other people. Think back to the many times you have read someone's writing and realized that you 2 are going through something very similar. Their ideas might have inspired you to make changes in life to improve yourself.

If you choose to write, you'll quickly learn that it's easy to connect to other people through your writing. You never know what kind of response you'll really get from your writing unless you publish it somewhere. Whether this means writing on your own blog or writing for a revenue sharing website like infobarrel... it doesn't really matter. If you write down your thoughts and feelings somewhere others can find it, they may be able to help you with suggestions on what they would do if they were in your shoes.

You'd be surprised at the kind of connections you could make with other people through your writing. Who knows, maybe you'll meet your new best friend or the love of your life just because you decided to share your writing with someone. Of course, I'm not promising you that you'll make magical connections through your writing but I am suggesting that it is important to put yourself out there and make yourself accessible to other people. This can be done through writing online. I'll give you an example. I made a really good friend a couple of years ago through her online writing. I somehow stumbled on her writing and quickly realized this is someone I want to get to know better and include in my life. We connected via myspace and we quickly became really good friends. Years later, we are still close friends and we talk about everything and anything. I'm so glad I met her and it would never have happened unless she decided to write down her ideas somewhere others can access it.

So, back to my main point: writing is one of the best ways to get out of an emotional rut... it helps you in many different ways and has countless benefits. You can also think of it as a form of journaling. You're keeping a diary of your thoughts and ideas and sharing them with the world. Everyone knows how powerful keeping a journal can be but it's really a shame how few of us act on that knowledge.

You can write about absolutely anything you want. Don't limit yourself to anything. Feel free to express your deepest desires through your writing. If you're shy or worried someone you know will judge you for what you're sharing, feel free to use a pen name. You don't have to use your real name when writing online. Very few people use their real names. A pen name is a great way to hide your real identity so you can be truly honest about yourself with the world.

I really do hope that my article will inspire at least some of you to begin writing as a form of release. Of course, there are other things I would recommend for anyone to get out of an emotional rut. For one, try watching a comedy movie or something. These always cheer me up and make me feel better overall. Also, everyone knows that getting some exercise in every day helps a lot when it comes to the way we feel.

Other ideas include getting enough sunlight every day because it really does affect our mood. Also, look into starting to eat foods high in omega-3s for example and other mood boosting foods. Check out st. john's wort as an option to boost your mood.

Of course, if necessary, if you're really in a bad rut and have been there for a while, it may be a good idea to consult a doctor who could help you with an anti-depressant for example.

The bottom line though is that you can and should use writing as a way of getting to the bottom of your problems. Find out through your thinking and writing what it is that is really bothering you and use your creativity to find solutions to these problems. Once you have found potential solutions, you can and should take immediate action and lots of it to fix your current situation.

Sometimes are problems may seem petty to other people but it's amazing how a small change can improve your mood. For example, maybe you're feeling down about being overweight. Well, maybe a potential solution you have come up with is that you could join Weight Watchers. If you take action on joining weight watchers and follow through with their program, you might be amazed at the improvement in your mood that resulted from losing that excess weight from around your belly.

This is just one example of course. So please, just start writing! It will help, I promise!

Thanks for reading.

Signing off.