Race Bib And Race Medal Displays

Displays of Race Bibs And Running Medals

If you are runner who enjoys races, 5K’s and 10K’s you likely have quite a lot of race bibs cluttering up your house.  If you regularly run half marathons or full marathons you also probably have a collection of medals gathering dust in a shoe box somewhere.

So what should you do with these things?  You may be tempted to wear your medals around to work and other social events but that is kind of tacky.  I remember reading an article in Runner’s World where someone had written in about seeing a guy pumping gas at a filling station wearing his Boston Marathon medal; a week after the race!!

 The truth is you should be proud of your bling whether it be dozens of race bibs you have received running in your weekend 5K’s or several hard won medals for completing longer distances.  There are several ways you can display these items to not only show them off but also to motivate you to keep running and living a healthy lifestyle. 

What To Do With Your Race Bibs:

The easiest thing to do with your race bibs is to turn them into a collage.  You can glue them to a poster board and frame them as in the display above. 

The best way to mount your bibs into a presentable display is to use decoupage glue. 

Instructions for how to Decoupage.

You can simply apply the bibs to a posted board and then place it in a frame to display in your office.

Another option is to place the race bibs under the glass of a coffee table or office desk with a glass cover.

If you are displaying the bibs in a garage to rec room you can choose to simply mount them directly to a wall with a staple gun.

If you are a prolific runner you can even make a separate display for each year, commemorating all the races you ran in 2010, 2011 and 2012 for example.

So dig those race bibs out of the show box and display them somewhere where you see them often.   This will motivate you to keep up a strong running routine.

Displaying Your Running Medals:

If you run marathons and half marathons it is fairly common practice to receive a medal upon completion of the race. 

The best way I have found to display medals is to remove them from their ribbon and place them on a magnetic board mounted to the wall.  You can by magnetic boards but they are fairly expensive.  A cheaper option is simply to buy a roll of magnetic tape can make your own board. 

Several companies also sell premade displays for race medals costing about $40.  These can be wall mounted and the medals are hung on hooks.  The benefit of these displays is that you don’t have to remove the ribbons from the medals when displaying them. 

Running or walking in races is a great form of exercise and not only keeps you healthy but may motivate someone in your family or one of your co-workers to also get out there and live a healthier lifestyle.  So dig those race bibs and medals out of the back of the closet and get them on display!